Has anyone here ever drawn their weapon?

settle down in here

Yes many times over a 25 year career in the Police Department and 22 years of that with the SWAT TEAM. Now that I am retired I live a peacefull life here in Va. but I still carry everywhere when I leave my property.
The single greatest habit change some people have to make when the decide to carry is to learn how to avoid confrontation at all costs. Even honking your horn can "start a fight", no matter how they're driving. People who easily get frustrated, or those who have short fuses should seriously look deep into their own minds to find ways to try and stay calm in any situation.(not suggesting you did anything wrong, 2beararms) For me, the best way to avoid a gun battle is to avoid all battles. Carry on.
I haven't had to draw my gun since I got my CCW. I carry almost everywhere. However, I admit to being somewhat paranoid ever since I woke up one night to find an intruder in my bedroom. I grabbed the gun I kept at my bedside and started yelling. He ran out of the room, down the stairs, and out the front door before I could get a clear shot at him. Houses on 3 sides and an open field on the 4th. I was trying to get him against that 4th side before I pulled the trigger.

That's the closest I've ever come to having to shoot someone. I'd just as soon it never happened again, but that experience is probably the main reason I carry. I was glad to have a gun that night, and I don't want to be unarmed if I'm attacked again.
In April of this year in North Carolina I went to a late/10:30(ish) showing of the movie Fast Five alone on a Saturday night. I tend to see alot of movies alone, anyways back to the incident. The movie ended about 15 minutes after 1. The parking lot was packed when I got there, so I had to park over 100 yards away. When I got within 10 feet of my truck a white Chevy Blazer parked about 10 spaces away turned its lights on and quickly came my way. A black guy probably in his early thirties was driving, and a white guy probably the same age got out of the car with a small wooden club in his hand, saying toss me the keys and you won't be hurt. My heart sank to my feet as my instinct and training took over and I drew my Taurus 605 .357 snubbie. The driver took off with the passenger door still open, and fled the scene leaving black marks in the parking lot along with his partner. Everything happened to quickly it seemed, all I remember next was screaming "ON YOUR FACE NOW" to the man with the club. A couple walking to their car only parked a few spaces in the other direction saw the whole thing do down. I held the man at gun point while, they called 911 and told them exactly what was going on. The police arrived, and took over from their disarming myself, and apprehending the man on the ground. Some of it is a blur today, and thinking of it and just writing this brings those chills back. I'm grateful the police successfully diffused the situation and did not mistake me for the bad guy (probably due large in part to the witnesses who called 911) I was only taken in for questioning and let go with no charges. The driver was snitched on by his accomplice and taken in to custody the next day. The police told actually told me I did the right thing in the situation, by preventing the other assailant from running away and possibly causing harm to someone else to get away. At the time it seemed like the only logical thing to do,he had no car to get into, and giving him the opportunity to flea on foot did not seem logical at the time. I cant thank the eye witnesses for their testimony in the situation. I hope I never have to go throw anything like that again, and hope none of my fellow law abiding citizens on this forum have to experience for themselves either.
I have carried concealed for 45 years and only once have had to pull my gun from its holster. Twenty years ago I had driven to one of the early ATMs to get some cash. My 3 year old son was in his car seat in the rear of my car. As I was about to re-enter the car a young man (early twenties) came around the corner of the stand alone ATM with a paper bag in his hand. I turned toward him and put my hand on the butt of my gun in my inner jacket pocket. He stood about ten feet away and said that he needed a ride to a place about 4 miles away. I looked him in the eye and said that I could not help him and that he would have to find help elsewhere. He then said "I have something in this bag that will make you take me where I want to go." I pulled my gun from its holster and told him to "Turn around and walk away and don't stop till you are out of my sight." He complied. I got into my car and went home. I was surprisingly calm at the time. Later I rethought the matter numerous times and figured he was probably mentally ill and was glad he didn't try to reach in his bag.
I have only had to pull and use on duty.
The outcome was expected, not desired, only the BG was down.
We understand that at one tine we may have to use our weapon, but wish we did not need to.

It is important to "Profile" to identify the enemy! I see nothing wrong with is story. At least he did say African/American...Give me a break! He also mentioned white Chevy Blazer.

Wooddoctor, to be completely PC, was that supposed to be a "Caucasian-American" Chevy Blazer??
One time about 20 years ago when I was young. I was working 2nd shift 3:30 - midninight, on my way home a truck was tailgating me and a deer jumped out in front of me and I jammed on the brakes to avoid hitting it. The guys in the truck appearently didn't see the deer and thought I braked to annoy them. They tried to pass me but I had a fast car at the time and just left them behind. When I came to town I stopped to get something to eat. They roared into the parking lot as I was getting out of my car and pulled within 3 feet of the back of my car. They both jumped out and the driver pulled a piece of something about 3 feet long out from behind his seat, my car door was still open and I had my Ruger P89 in the side door pocket. I reached down and pulled it out and kept it pointed at the ground but in his direction (low ready). I didn't know Chevy trucks went that fast in reverse with the passanger door still open and a guy only halfway in! I was kind of sick to my stomach after that and got in my car and went home.
I made a late night run to the grocery store one night to pick up a few breakfast items and parked on the side of the store. Once I was checking out I realized I left my wallet in the truck and ran outside to get it. When I got around the corner I saw a guy trying to squeeze his arm thru the cracked window (it was a hot day) to unlock the door and steal my wallet and or truck. I said," hey you" and when he turned around I pulled my H&K from my SERPa and just held it muzzle down not pointing it at him just yet since he was empty handed amd said, "not today buddy." Then he took off running and that was that. Didn't feel like dealing with police and the "threat" was gone so I got my wallet paid for my food and left. First time since carrying in the civilian world.

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