Has anyone dealt with these people?


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They have no voice line and don't respond to emails. They have great pricing on Lee equipment.

I was thinking the same thing. I don't usually order online. I prefer to call in an order. I figure if you can't get decent pre-sale customer service, you sure won't get it after the sale. The local reloading shop has decent prices. I think I'll buy from them.
Good advice about every company online having a phone and a fax line before we deal with them. I often call first to verify that there is a live person who will answer the phone. Sometimes there is no one so then I shop elsewhere.
Another thing is to make sure they are in US. With phone numbering systems now you can be calling a FL area code and talking with someone in China. 800's are even worse. You have very little to no recourse after giving them your CC info.
So today I went to the local shop and spend some time with one the employees. After talking about the differences between the different presses, I decided to spend a little more money on a Dillon Square Deal B. The press was factory rigged for 9mm so all I needed was the 45ACP conversion. Had everything all gathered up including a scale, more primers bullets and some other accessories. I go up to the counter to check out and the owners tells the sales guy, you can't sell that press. He promised it to his friend and forgot to pull it off the shelf.

Now I have 3 options. (1) Wait 10 days till they get another one in. (2) Order direct from Dillon which with shipping may not be much quicker or (3) Find another online dealer. Nothing comes up through Google.

Does anyone have a source for Dillon gear on-line?

I always like to support the local shops, unless (1) I can save a significant amount on-line or (2) It can't be found locally.
rrc1962, I assume you got some sort of compensation from the owner, right? The same thing happened to me once. It wasn't a Dillon or even gun related but nevertheless. I told the owner that if he ever wanted to see me or my $$ in his establishment again, I needed to be treated like the paying customer that I was and not a dishrag. He sold me the product and I, as promised came back to spend more $$. What that owner did to you was a dirty way to treat a customer. It's like standing at a counter trying to spend money when the phone rings and the clerk decides to spend time with someone that MIGHT be buying and not the one that IS buying instead of putting them on hold while they meet YOUR needs first. I have left my stuff on the counter in more than one business for that reason.
He did nothing. Unfortunately, they are one of the only local sources for reloading supplies and they know it. I can buy everything but powder and primers cheaper on-line. I did buy the 550B from them just because they were the same price as everyone else (online). There are no deals out there right.

Powder and primers carry a HazMat charge with UPS, so while a local price might be a little more, once you pay shipping and HazMat it is quite a bit less.
RRC- if you order powder by the case and order primers at the same time, it seems to break even.

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