Happy Mothers Day!


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The patrons of USA Carry wish the armed Mothers of America :msn-flirt: (God bless them all!) a wonderful day set aside for friends, family, photo-albums, yummy meals cooked by dutiful husbands, boxes of fattening candies and red roses, or for the more of my kind of loving Alpha-Moms: cleaning her Glock to a finish no guy would or even could ever attain, a quick ride to the local range in her SUV, all decked-out in her finest shooting gear and spend a few hours sending hot lead down-range. Secretly fantasizing with every bull she takes out ALL the cruel sexist things her significant other(s?), male boss, or drunk neighbor has ever said to her over the years! Out-shooting most of the (bragging/macho) male competition, eliciting much consternation and even a tad of jealousy amongst those clannish/superiority-complex 'Alpha-male folks' with their hefty M1911's and AR-15's. "Hmm!" she goes? "Did ya buy a big gun because another part of your body is just a 9mm used-up Kel-Tec PF-9?" As she strides confidently forward to the firing line to take aim at a 50-meter target. In the background most of the fellas have already got a pool going on how many times she'll miss and cracking crass jokes about which end of their shooters fire a round that would satisfy her most. Through her ear-cups she hears them and her aim drifts closer to the inner red circle :) WHAM, a perfect 10 for 10 score!
In nature the most fearsome encounter any predator can ever run a-foul of is to try to take the young helpless offspring of the mother animal for a quick & easy snack! The mother forgets about all sense of self preservation in a nanosecond, and attacks the predator with such ferocity way-beyond her normal limits of strength or endurance, or the mortal danger involved, no matter how big or out-matched she is, whatever would harm her young is now her mortal enemy, often sending the predator heading for safer ground worse for the encounter and licking his pride & wounds! Seldom has even a hungry Grizzly bear tried or even came close to rumbling with a snarling smaller female timber wolf as she stands guard over her cubs. Little has changed since humans entered the equation, except in the last hundred (or so) years, those Mothers don't need their claws or teeth anymore, a nice 'Lady Smith' or a Benelli shotgun will do just fine thank you very much!
"God intended woman to be outside as well as men, and they do not know what they are missing when they stay cooped up in the house with a novel." (Annie Oakley)
Have a great day armed Mothers of America,

Canis-Lupus :icon12:

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Well put sir. Hope all treated the ladies in their life to something they enjoy today. After church, I took a nice hike up by the local reservoir with the family--as we're going up a crazy steep incline my 6 year old asks, "This is what you wanted to do for Mother's Day?" Beats a fancy dinner at a restaurant for me. Didn't shoot anything, just threw rocks in the res and enjoyed the sunshine and wind and watching my kids climb the hills. Nice day. :)
Glad you enjoyed your mothers day Mom. I hope every mother had a great day however they spent it.

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