Happy Birthday to me!


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Well my birthday is next week and I have been wanting a 9mm. SOOOOOOOOOOO I treated myself with an M&P 9mm full size. With my birthday discount and the sale that was going on plus $50.00 rebate from S&W I got it out the door with 200 rounds for $419.99 HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! :dance3:


This is my second M&P I also have the 40c

Congrats on the up and coming birthday. By the way mine is tomorrow you didn't by chance pick me one up to did you? LOL. Have a great time on your birthday.

Seriously, though, congratulations on your latest purchase and happy birthday. Is the target in the picture one that you shot with this gun, or is it from another gun and you included it to enhance the picture?
Its one I just had from an other shoot. I have not had the time to shoot it yet but if shoots as good as my 40 I will be very happy.
Happy early birthday Pops! I kinda had a feeling that you'd end up with a new pistol. Make sure you bring it with you if you come down for Christmas. I'd love to shoot it. The M&P is a nice piece you should be happy with it! By the way I sent you a PM. I need your house number to send you your Bday present.

Save the brass you shoot and when you come down I'll order up some components to load them all up before you head back. :dance3:

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