hang together or hang by your self


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A man alone is easy prey. band together and we are mighty.
If the video on the ccw arrest in canton did not exist he would be doomed.
if we do not yell that it's wrong nothing would be done.
If we don't keep yelling it will be pushed under the rug.
if you don't stand up for your rights you lose them.
if we let them get away with this on him when we are done the same way we can't say HEY not me!

I have the upmost respect for law enforcement.

I don't do their job it is an underpaid/underappreciated profession.

I do my best to not do anything wrong Period.

When(once in a blue moon) I am pulled over by LEOs I am skittish/nervious anyway and I overcompensate by being very polite.

The behavior by this Officer shocks/saddens/appalls and frightens me.

I hope his behavior doesn't affect how the public deals with LEOs.
What?? it should change the behavior of people we should demand the fbi check these out of control ohio cops .
this is not just one time one cop went a little over board, a other canton police officer killed his pregnant girlfriend, canton is in stark co did you see the video on the deputies strip searching a women who called for help.( it.s on youtube.) The fbi should go do a investagation on stark co and canton. watch the video then tell me your ok driving into stark co and canton. Cause if your ok with what they did, you deserve what ever they do to your women.
and to the fbi where are you? this stuff should make your mind glow red!!!! your our best and you let this go unansered

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