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Looking to do some hunting in the Apalachicola national forest this year. Needing some input on some handheld gps units.


I have an older Garmin E-Trex Legend. If I were to buy a new one I would look for a Garmin with the color screen. More money, but, I think it would be easier to use.
my son & his wife got a TomTom ... they went on a 2000+ mile trip earlier this month .... said it was perfect.

From what I understand they got this handheld at a store opening sale for around $50 ~ but ~ they normally go for around $200? (its about 3.5" x3.5" x 3/4")

You can download updates for free and install them whenever you want to ensure the most recent data..... so I've been told

look for re views via google....might help
I much prefer the GPS that just shows where you are and points to waypoints with time and distance. It also serves as a compass. Combine that with a geo map of the area you are in (maps are much larger than the screen on a GPS so much more useable).

I'd avoid the cell phone GPS things as in the deep woods you are apt to run out of cell phone coverage.

BTW, don't leave your compass at home since you may lose the GPS or drop it in a well or run out of batteries, etc. Compass and map is adequate if you learn how to use them. Garmin is without doubt the best GPS system.
If you hunt with others the Garmin rhino is incredibly useful. Both a radio and a GPS and if you can talk to them on the radio their location shows up on your screen.

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I've had several Garmin GPS's and they are good. They have too many models in my opinion. I now have the DeLorme and like it a lot. You can see it here: Link Removed
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