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Have any of you found a great holster for use with your "normal" handbag to avoid having to carry one of those CCW specific ones? Any suggestions or links would be greatly appreciated since not all states will allow me to tote my weapon on my hip. TYVM in advance!

Have heard of people doing that; the important thing is to make sure the gun is in it's own compartment, and secure to the side.

Out of curiosity, in which state is it OK to have a gun concealed in a purse but not on your person? Haven't heard of that yet.
I don't like the commercial concealed bags either. They scream she's carrying. I personally buy Fossil handbags. I hunt until I find one that has a big pocket that can be designated as my gun only pocket. There are several friendly ones that can be carried cross body. Small bags tend to have a front zipper or flap that is quickly accessible. My larger Fossil totes have a zipper in the front too. The designated pocket has to be roomy enough to carry my 9 or my 45. My daughterinlaw found a darling small cross body at Belk, inexpensive, trendy, and only $20. It has a padded pocket. It was probably meant for a tablet. With a little searching and exploring, you can find over the counter purses that work well for carry. But, be sure to practice drawing from that pocket. Grab that purse with one hand and draw with your other. Shop till you drop.
Don't forget that if you desire, you can Velcro your own holster in that pocket. Or hot glue it in or have a tailor or leather worker fix you up.
I suggest you look at the purse and decide the size of the gun you want to carry. I have found that the Remora's kydex reinforced holster that has been modified with Velcro (they will do this for you) is a good option. Use the Velcro to attach it to the purse otherwise, the holster comes out with the gun when you draw. If that happens, you lose precious time to deal with it. I don't advocate a Remora for long periods of on-body carry because they are not attached to the clothing directly so restroom breaks are problematical. The non-kydex reinforced ones squish flat and create issues with reholstering without muzzling your support hand.
That's what I'm interested in locating ... a place in my handbag that I KNOW that's where my weapon is when I can't carry on my belt as in states such as Texas (no open carry). In Oklahoma - where we live - we can carry a weapon open or concealed - it can be concealed beneath your clothing, in a handbag, or otherwise. Can you not carry in a handbag in your state?
Hi kathys! I have seen the CrossBreed Purse Defender holster in my online searches, I was hoping someone would have responded that was what they used and was it effective. I may just have to order one and see how it goes. That's for responding!! :)
Here's an update to what I ended up purchasing ... I chose to go with the Crossbreed holster (sold in two sizes) - it fits my Sig P238 perfectly as well as an extra magazine. The extra magazine holder even works great in the smaller version. I couldn't be happier with the purchase - it was well worth the wait. Good job Crossbreed!
Just one suggestion, don't be that foolish. The first thing any bad guy will grab is your purse. In addition to having your money, your credit cards, your identification, your car keys and your house keys, he now has a weapon with which he may decide to use to kill you.
:). Growing up I knew lots of women carried a gun in their handbag. Whether it was legal or not. Not one of those women ever forgot or lost their handbag in all of those years. They were fierce in that no one touched their handbag, ever. Lol.I'm older now, but my memory is still good. I'm the one looking and sizing up people as I Get in and out of the car. I'm the one in the Walmart line that will whirl on you if you get too close. I shop one hand on my purse and one hand on the merchandise. I pay the same way. My license allows me open or concealed carry and I practice both. Ease up on the purse carry guys, there are careless girls and guys everywhere, but don't paint everyone with the same brush.

Off body carry is not my favorite choice. However, when I do, I use a purse with a separate compartment with a repositional holster inside. My personal favorite conceal carry purses are from Gun Tote'n Mamas.

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In "regular" purses I designate a specific pocket for my gun. I keep a spare holster that I use just for my purses and have velcro on it. I then sew/glue velcro inside the pocket of the purse to secure my holster. Even though I mainly carry on my person, I still keep that designated pocket in my purse empty-it is only for the gun.
I bought a Roma bag a few years back. Great bag and has its own compartment for my pk380....kinda spendy but well worth it. The straps on mine are knife resistant and they are not super long so you can carry it close to your body. For the times I carry on my person I use smart carry. SmartCarry - Concealed Carry Holster - Concealed Gun Holster Works out great for just goin to the store or walkin the dog. Hope you find something. Good Luck :)
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Have any of you found a great holster for use with your "normal" handbag to avoid having to carry one of those CCW specific ones? Any suggestions or links would be greatly appreciated since not all states will allow me to tote my weapon on my hip. TYVM in advance!

At Link Removed, we have a gun clutch for your purse as well as other options that support full concealment and are feminine, meaning you can use them even with tight body clothing.

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