Halloween - Pumpkin Shoot

Spencer R.

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YouTube - TrainASDI's Channel

The above video was from The Armed Self Defense Institute's "First Anual Pumkin Shoot". This year we just blew up pumkins and had fun since it is October. Next year though it will be an event that everyone will be invited to. Next year we are going to invite everyone and make it a charitable event. We are going to have fun competions with awards for things like "least pumpkin left after one shot" or "Pumpkin chunk thrown the farthest" and stuff like that. As for the charity we would have shades up and cold drinks for sale with proceeds going to a charity. Lots of range saftey officers would be present to keep the range very safe.

Enjoy the video but also any suggestion for next year's pumpkin shoot would be great. Also does this sound like an event that people would be interested in attending?

sounds like it was a good time. Where was this?

Shooting pumpkins is fun... however I like shooting watermellons better... bigger mess when hit, and they spray red juice everywhere... kinda reminds me of ... spilling kool-aid :biggrin:

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