Had a talk with an LEO today


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I was talking to a Nashville LEO at the gun store today about the best gun choice for concealed carry. I have a 38 spl, 357 Mag, sub-compact 9mm and sub-compact 45 on the short list. He said that in the average gun fight, they discharge 4.5 rounds determined from statistics. based on that, he did not recommend a 38 spl as a primary or only gun, but OK as a back up.

He recommended an auto and of the two on my list, he preferred the 45 over the 9mm, but because my wife may be carrying it as well, the 9mm would work fine also. He said if I was set on a revolver, go with the 357 Mag.

I asked him about any problems that may arise from OCing. He said that he carries open when off duty and his wife also carries open. He said if someone calls in complaining, all that can happen is a visit from a LEO to check your permit.

Anyway, I thought the round usage statistics were interesting, so I thought I'd share.

I would go with the semi-auto as well. It's always good to get other opinions. My wife and I both carry .40 caliber Glocks. Hers a Glock 23 with stainless guide rod and 20lb spring. Helps her manage the recoil better. It is a little hard for her to pull the slide back but she manages. My carry, a Glock 27. Great for concealment but kicks like a mule. It would take some getting used to. You are going to have pretty stout recoil with a sub-compact .45 as well. I chose the .40 because in theory you are getting the best of both worlds in the 9mm vs .45 ACP debate.

+1 on the wheel gun in .357 magnum. You can load .357 or .38 special rounds in it. Although if I were going to load .38 spls, it would be of the +P variety.

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