H.R.1022 proposed gun ban link needed.


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O.K. Assume that worse case scenario happens, under Obama, Biden, Holder, Pelosi or whomever in the Brady Bunch passes H.R. 1022 with all restrictions in place. First question is there a link of all the firearms (pistols, shotguns and rifles) it would outlaw say in 2009/2010, then a link [if one exists] to what would be considered legal after H.R. 1022? Maybe a flint-lock muzzle loaded 1-shot Glock with laser sights? :nono:Not trying to make light of this SNAFU, but what will Jo-Public have left to buy/own or use in a post H.R.1022 'changes a-coming' administration? Since I could gather up some twigs, sharpen them all to a fine point, and carry 50 in a pack is that now an assault weapon, as I sure could assault someone with that many sharp pointed sticks? (10 stick limit right?) And of course I would need a state concealed sharp stick carry permit after an extensive NIC! Does anyone have a link they could post that would include ALL the weapons currently available & legal to own or buy that this H.R. would nix? Seen a lot of posts about it, but a .gov link would be invaluable. It may be an eye-opener for some patrons or one they know by rote if they are very gun savvy. Betya most of our patrons own at least one on the hit list, maybe their whole collection! Please no "never happen" or 'Out of my dead fingers!' bullet posts, just a current legit link please :confused:


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OK I copy H.R.1022 is dead netentity. Think I'll send flowers or fine cigars to whomever killed it off.
But it may be resurrected as the template for something even worse.
Dave, thanks for that listing, the rifles that are listed are IMHO amongst the best for sport, self defense and hunting; OUCH!!!!
This freaked me out on 'Gun Law Update': Attorney General gets carte blanche to ban guns at will (section). "In plain English this means that ANY firearm ever obtained by federal officers or the military is not suitable for the public." That includes the .38 S&W snub revolver, a common police weapon of past and some present use. 6 lower-cal rounds in a revolving chamber could be banned, I guess a police night-stick is about as lethal close-up. Thanks both for the feedback, got a gut that if BHO bans weapons it will be worded cleverly enough to ban anything that shoots a bit of metal out of the front end to include a kid's home-made sling-shot. Keep them lists/links coming as they surface on the net for our info if anyone has other lists, a pistols list promises to be incredulous. :bad:
Sharpening sticks,

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try this...

when y'all hear of a bill, check out thomas.gov
you can type th bill number in the search and you can then get a a copy of the bill on your screen . then you can get the info right from the anal cavity .

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