H&K USP 40, is it to big for CCW


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Hello, I am new to this forum.

I just bought a H&K USP 40, (Full size frame). I really like this gun and I'm currently going through the process of getting my CCW permit here in TN.

Now I'm having second thoughts on whether or not this is a practicle gun for CCW. I am considering getting something a little smaller/lighter, but the thing is I'm just not a big fan of all of the pocket pistols, Ruger LCP, Kel-Tec P3 AT , ect. I like something with a little more power.

What do you guys think? Does anyone else here carry one?

No, but I carry an XD(M) in .40, which is no small pistol. With a good IWB holster and a good belt, I wear it all day, every day, and it's not only comfortable, it's very well concealed. Hope that helps.
Depends upon how big a person you are. There are two really good IWB holsters on the market that will hide larger framed handguns relatively well while maintaining a moderate comfort level. They are the Crossbreed "Supertuck" and Kholster. Concealability and comfort are very important so I would certainly look into some medium frame handguns. There are plenty of other medium or compact sized options chambered in .40 S&W.
I'm a big guy and I conceal a USP compact very well in just about any holster I've tried. The USP is just a little less than an inch longer so I'd imagine it would conceal equally well on me. Then again I can conceal a fullsize 1911 fairly easily too in a good quality holster. Cheap holsters don't do much for those on me.

The USP .40 is about the same size as a 4" 1911. I'm betting unless you are a very small framed person you could carry the USP without problems.
Thanks for the input guys, I appreciate it! Yeah I'm not a small framed guy I'm '6 4''' about 225 lbs. I have been looking at some Galco Belt Holsters but I will have to check out some of the other holster recomendations, if anyone else has any other holster recomendations I would appreciate the info.
Many ( I do mean MANY ) people use the Crossbreed holsters. I opted for a Silent Thunder from Tucker Gunleather because I had used one with my 1911 and rather liked it. I can't wear paddles or OWB because I'm kind of round and it makes my gun stick out at funny angles at inappropriate times so I stick with the IWB.

Turn around time wasn't too bad either, I believe I got my 1911 in two weeks and I had to wait 4 weeks for my Hk because the compact was a special order.

It's one of those preference things. ( kinda like everything else it seems ) Once you find the right holster for you it'll be golden. :pleasantry:
I'M only 5.6 and about 200-210 and I carry a full size S&W M&P 40 with no problem in a Blade-Tech Nanno IWB. It hides well under a shirt with no problems. Buy a good stiff belt that can support the weight of the gun or the best holster in the world will not work right. When you strap on all that steel and then add the weight of a fully loaded fifteen round mag the gun wants to sag. If you carry extra mags the belt will want to pull the other way and so on. So I would say step two ( Step 1,being buying your EDC firearm) is buying a stiff EDC belt that can support your gear. I learned this the hard way I wanted to be cheap and use a fake leather belt from walmart and the damn gun would always be at my feet.:fie:
I carry a H&K USP .40 when I can... cold weather. Next smaller is a Colt 1911 then a PPK for really hot weather.

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