H&K made HK416/417 clones for US civilian market


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It's offical.

According to the Link Removed.

H&K will be producing the Link Removed and Link Removed for the US civilian market.

The rifles will be produced at H&K's new manufacturing facility in Newington, New Hampshire.

Release date is late Q4 2009. Unknown MSRP for either rifles.

Note: The MR556 will not be compatible with standard AR lower/upper recievers.
H&K USA said:
To conform to German export regulations, certain design changes made in the MR556 prevents the rifle's upper receiver from being used on other AR-style firearms.

H&K MR556
Link Removed

H&K MR762
Link Removed

I think i'm in the market for a new toy

These look like the new toy I need to round out my collection!
Why did H&K have to wait until the week before Obama takes office to release these in the U.S.? Don't they know that this is one of those scary-looking "black rifles" that antis, Obama included, want banned? And, if he and the Democratic-controlled Congress have their way, its life here in the U.S. will be a very short one indeed.
4th Quarter 2009!!! Our chances of being able to score one of these awesome rifles are very slim. :mad:

If, for some unknown reason, the assault weapon ban hasn't been renewed by then, I'll be buying one.

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