Gym carry?

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My weapon goes in my Center of Mass Gun Safe in my truck when I get to the gym. :27:


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I've looked at a number of fanny packs and have not yet found one that looks appropriate, and has both an ideal bottle holster and an ideal spot to carry. There's probably one out there though.


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I .............

have a Kel-Etc p32( winchester silver tips ONLY, try'em) with the belt clip for 15 bucks or so??(don't remember what it's called).It allows you to carry without a holster iwb.For best resolutes carry in front waist band I have run, rock climbed, biked(bmx) vary anti gravity in some ways and have yet to send a pistol sliding across a floor. All in a t and shorts without a belt. Also front waistband is your best option for preventing gun grabs, and show and tell, while stretching.Side note, have yet to rust any part of the slide or parts, with the factory coating, or bluing whatever they used on the older version?Watch for rust any-who.And as long as you use a DA only with a heavy trigger or semi cocked striker like Kel-Tecs no worry's on accidental discharges or keeping it hot.(one in chamber)>M.

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