Guns on a plane?


VA State CCW Holder!
I'd never attempt to bring my gun on a commercial flight.
Are there any TSA rules concerning guns on your own plane? (IE Cessna)

I don't think I'll hijack it unless I come down with a sudden case of multiple personality disorder or schizophrenia or something.

I've got a few hours in a 172 Skyhawk... I plan on getting my private pilot's license at some point.

Of course putting the wheels on the ground at a foreign FBO for fuel or at the destination opens the reciprocity on the ground, but does it matter in the sky?

AFAIK the FAA leaves the issue up to the pilot. As for if the gun can be loaded or not, you'll have to check with the local laws (states where you'll be flying). Here in PRHI, "loaded firearms" are prohibited on private aircraft. The firearms must be unloaded and cased.

When I am at the controls of my plane, I am armed. No specific reason except I carry everywhere except areas prohibited by law.
Jaws and GF have given good advice. I heard a radio show discussion recently concerning a proposed change to TSA rules that would require background checks for pilots of, and TSA screening for passengers of, larger private planes. I believe the number 12,200 was mentioned as a weight threshhold and this would mean Tiger Woods would have to ship his clubs because the baggage compartment on his plane is accessible to the passengers, and those passengers can't have club-like devices according to TSA rules.

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