Gunmen Open Fire On Crowd; 7 Shot


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I'm sure there's more to the story but these cowards had to involve all these other innocent bystanders!?!?!

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DETROIT -- Seven people were shot Tuesday afternoon at a bus stop at West Warren and Southfield roads on Detroit’s West side when gunmen pulled up and opened fire, police said.

Five of the victims were Cody High School students and had just been let out of summer school. The shooting happened about a block away from the school.

All the victims were transported to local hospitals.

Detroit Police spokesman Rod Liggons said two of the victims are in critical condition and the rest are in temporary serious condition.
The victim's identities have not been released as police attempt to contact their families.

Detroit Public Schools emergency financial manager Robert Bobb was at the scene and said he was sure parents of children attending summer school at Cody High are worried their children are involved, but that the district was doing its best to notify the victims' families.

Police said two or three armed men got out of a green minivan and called a person by name before they opened fire on the crowd.

The men had masks or cloth covering their faces, said witnesses.

"I fell and all I could do was crawl to the brick wall, and when I got up, I heard at least six gunshots," a witness told Local 4.

The girl did not want to be identified because she could possibly be a witness in the case. She also said she saw the gunmen pull up and she yelled at her friends to get down.

The intersection at Warren and Southfield roads remain closed while police investigate.

Anyone with information is asked to call 1-800 SPEAK UP.

Police will address the media again at 6 p.m. with updates.

Stay with Local 4 News and for further news updates on this developing story.

Thanks K-PB, I was outnabout yesterday when this started hiting the radio. A video of this is is on the local TV stations web sites.
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As of Today, One 18yrold male is in custody and two others being sought. Also there are reports of shots being fired at the same school.
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There are our 'real' domestic terrorists right there... fortunately they SUCK at shooting.
saw this on the news the other day. immediately after reporting this they reported shootings in flint... then davison. bad guys have been working hard it seems. sooner or later they will run into a ccw holder and it might just be the last time they put in "work".

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