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I was visiting my local gun shop last week with my Sig 1911 on my hip. I had been sitting there about half an hour shooting the breeze with the locals when some fancy dressed younger guy comes in. He must've been a yankee or a lawyer. I got up and got me a cola when he says "Is there some reason that you carry that gun with the hammer cocked like that?" (real smart-assed like).
Before I could answer the old geezer sitting in the rocking chair beside me says in a loud voice, "'Cause it's a damned 1911!"
I just smiled at him. Didn't feel that any further explanation was needed.

Once went hunting with some other fellas for deer all day using our muzzleloaders. At the end of the day we were going to fire them. One of the other guys went to cock his rifle and it was already at full cock!! :wacko: In that case it was truly a dangerous situation. I can understand how an uninformed person might not know the difference.

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