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Going to the gun show here in Houston this weekend. I've been told they have been packed. Anybody been to a few recently? Trying to pickup a 12ga shotgun and some 9mm/.380 ammo. Looking to go early as soon as they open on Saturday.


I've been to quite a few over the past few years. It seems that the ammo prices are decent, relatively speaking, but it's getting really hard to find a good price on an actual firearm. I mostly go now for ammo and accessories and to "look" at the firearms.

Let us know what your overall impression is?
went to one in december. bought some ammo and a new stock for my AK. I will be going again either this weekend or next weekend for some more bells and whistles. I would like to stock up on some more ammo but the kind I wanted last time no one had...
I went to my first gun show in Hampton, VA recently, shotgun shopping. It was a bust for a good skeet gun, but they had tactical shotties all day long. I would have been in heaven looking for a handgun, but that wasn't why I was there. I did enjoy the show. I had to chuckle how polite everyone was when people bumped into one another! Guns do make for polite society! I'm going to visit one at the end of this month in Virginia Beach, hoping to find what will end up being my carry piece.

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