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I checked out a gun show this past weekend in Holbrook, MA on my way up to Boston. The folks that hosted it at The Holbrook gun club were very friendly and I wanted to give a shout and say thanks for putting on a good event. As I was walking in, they politely asked if I was armed and I said yes. They have a posted policy of no loaded weapons inside, so they asked me to clear my weapon (poining it in a safe direction), put a zip tie through the chamber and had me put the mag in my pocket, reholstered my zip tied gun and walked in. When I left, they cut the zip tie for me, let me reload, reholster and I was on my way. Later on, as I was driving past Fenway Park, I saw this big ad outside the park on the Mass Pike, with a huge billboard image of a neon colored AK-47 that read, "GUN SHOW TERRORISTS WELCOME" Please help close the gun show loop hole. Sponsored by the Brady Campaign. I laughed my ass off and flipped the bird at the sign as I drove past!!!:sarcastic:

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