Gun Safe Pistol Hooks?


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I recently saw a safe that had what looked like hooks on the back of the safe door for pistols to hang from. I have looked online and all I can find are some velcro one-size-fits-all holsters that look really cheap.

Has anyone done this with their safe and could pass along some pointers? I dont like to make all the mistakes myself.

Thanks in advance.

Pistol Door Racks


The velcro pistol holsters are reliable for the inside of the safe door. With the Cannon pistol holster, which has a panel that hangs on the interior of the safe door and the velcro holster with the handgun attaches securely to that surface. You can see this Pistol door rack at Pistol holsters for the back of Gun Safe door gives extra storage

If you are looking for actual metal hanging hooks look at Fort Knox: Americas Best Made Gun Safes, Hand Gun Safes, Fireproof Home Safes, and Vault Doors Accessories you will see a pistol rack that Fort Knox puts on the interior of their doors. Their door rack is made of metal and has holes similiar to peg board and uses plastic coated metal hooks to hold your weapons. You might contact our consultants at - 818-997-1234 - they can help you choose the correct holder for your weapons.

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