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Hypothetically speaking, a "friend" of mine is going camping with his wife, friend and his wife this weekend. "He" is planning on going up towards Graveyard Fields which is on the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina. "They" don't like the idea of going out into the middle of nowhere without protection. "He" is planning on taking his .40 cal pistol buried deep in his pack for obvious reasons. What exactly are the statutes regarding carrying this pistol, what could be the possible outcome if pulled over for a traffic stop and what could happen if the park ranger just happens to walk up and ask to search "their" belongings? Is my "friend" completely stupid for even thinking of this or what? No offense, but I don't want opinions on what the law SHOULD be, but actual possibility based answers. Thanks in advance to any and all responses.

I'd go some where else. There are a lot of horror stories about people getting busted in National Parks. Hopefully this will be changing next month.

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Hunting - The Blue Ridge Parkway is managed as a preserve for wildlife. No hunting is allowed, and all weapons from slingshots to shotguns are carefully controlled. Spotlighting wildlife at night is also illegal. Loaded weapons are illegal inside the park boundaries. When traveling on park roads, all weapons must be unloaded and either rendered inoperable or inaccessible. Concealed weapons are illegal on park land even with a state permit.
Legally while driving on the parkway the gun should be unloaded and stored in the trunk... so in this condition in his pack, in the trunk, would work.

I don't know if the place where they are hiking to and camping is a state / national or what ever park... so, I can't comment on that. I would take the gun.. but Id'm not too comfortable with the idea of having it buried deep in his pack.
Anywhere in the National Park unload and lock it in your trunk and don't carry it in your backpack. It's not worth a felony conviction and losing your rights. Now from what I've read, Graveyard Fields is in the Pisgah National Forest and you will be OK carrying with your permit.
So......national park is a NO NO, but national Forestis okay as far as carrying with a permit? Is that right? Thanks for the input. Looks like my trip might get canceled anyway....they're calling for tons of thunderstorms this weekend up that way. SUCKS!!!
opps... you let it slip who your 'friend' was...

In N.C. carrying concealed requires a permit but N.C. is an open carry state with out permit or such.

So, does that mean you can open carry in a nationa forest in N.C.?
I'm so freaking confused....if NC is open carry, then my problem is solved. I will just unload and secure it for the trip up. As soon as we go out on the trail, I'll just slap it on my hip. Is this how it works??? This is ridiculous. I appreciate you trying to help me clarify guys. Keep 'em coming.
Just do not get National Parks and National Forests confused. The Blue Ridge Parkway is a Park. The Natahala National is a Forest. Totally different laws. Same way with the Outer Banks National Seashore. It is a park.

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