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This weekend will start the boating season for me and the family. I need to get educated on the laws of the water and having a firearm readily accessable on a watercraft. DNR has juristiction over the Intracoastal Waterway and I don't know if I am supposed to treat my boat the way I treet the truck. Can I store the firearm in the glove box? I am sure I could legally carry on my person once my permit shows up but I don't plan to do that since I'll be in and out of the water.

If anybody can help me find answers I would appreciate it.

In SC, you can carry your weapon, concealed or not, without a permit if you are a "Licensed hunters or fishermen while engaged in hunting or fishing or going to or from their places of hunting or fishing" Link Removed

I also am in/out of the water so I wouldn't keep it on my side, but in a gallon zip loc in the console. I live in Charleston, and saltwater is not something I want to ruin my gun. But you can have it with/on you. I do not know if you have to inform the officer (DNR or otherwise) if there is a weapon on board though.

Any others care to comment on DNR's right to search your boat or your duty to report the posession of a weapon?
If ANY LEO asks you for ID, you present your SC ID. If you are also a CWP holder, you SHALL present your CWP permit IF you are carrying. If you are NOT carrying, you are NOT obligated to present the permit.

If you reasonably look by dress, attitude, provisions, & company that you are "fishing" or "hunting", SC code allows you to have and to hold your firearm, and not specifically in a "compartment".

SC Code SECTION 16-23-20
"(4) licensed hunters or fishermen who are engaged in hunting or fishing or going to or from their places of hunting or fishing while in a vehicle or on foot;"

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