Gun Myths..


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Here is a very good report i found. It was on TV in 2003 on 20/20. It really drives the point home. Some of you may have seen it.

YouTube - Gun Myths

Had seen it before but it's definitely worth watching. It is a lesson that everyone should learn. Guns aren't evil, the criminals that misuse them are.


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Gun Myths

Hats off to John Stossel for this intelligent and perceptive piece. Someone should tell that idiot Sharpton (should be Dullton) That if 90% of the people you pass are carrying deadly weapons, 80% are law-abiding citizens who will not be considering you a target like the other 10% who are Sharpton's homies, who are looking at you as the source of their next rock of crack. The only way to become the target of the 80% is to reveal yourself as one of the 10%, who are, or should be, on their way to their meeting with the coroner.


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Like RW, I remember this... Now that this work is 6 years old, there is plenty of updated data available to warrent a fresh look or redo this doc.


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Great video. Need more like this where others can know the truth and not just what the liberal media/hollywood stars want you to believe.


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I like the contrast between Clinton's petulant "Don't tell me this won't make a difference!" (he doesn't even sound convinced himself) and the stony-faced prisoners sitting there, saying that they don't care about laws and prefer to rob people who they know. They might be thugs, but they're completely realistic.


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good report.. nice to see some people in such places who actually have common sense. we need mor eof them... lots more!


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I loved the part when they said " We Fear the armed sheep dogs" No going to jail or the police we fear the every day Joe. That was so great.

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