Gun Laws In Other Countries???


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What countries have less stringent gun laws than the US?

What are their violent crime rates?

Switzerland. Very low gun crime.

Not really true. They do not have a "Shall Issue" permit system. Switzerland is also part of the Shengen Treaty, which makes gun ownership, especially sidearms, more difficult, even airsoft guns. Long guns are still relatively easy to acquire, especially hunting and sporting guns, but select fire and fully auto guns, as well as supressors are illegal.
Israel too. Unfortunately, it has lax gun laws and is still a breeding ground for terrorists. Not blaming the gun laws for that though; if anything, the gun laws were probably relaxed in response to terrorism. After all, history shows us that Islamic fundamentalists do not care whether they die when they do what they do, so I can't imagine why gun laws (or the lack thereof) would influence them.
gun laws in other countries - Mexico

The Mexican constitution actually guarantees the right to keep and bear arms, in wording very much like the US constitution 2nd amendment. However, they have whittled that one into a meaningless paragraph through "reglamentacion", which means the body of laws and regulations that supposedly interpret the constitution, but often times actually end up saying the diametric opposite of what the constitution says.

The "Reglamento" prohibits any caliber reserved for military and police use, including any bullet diameter larger than .38 caliber, and especially naming .357 magnum, 9mm, and .45 ACP handgun calibers. .380 is allowed, so .38 Super is popular. However, there are no firearms manufactured in Mexico and importation is allowed only by the Army. The only legal place to purchase a handgun in the entire country is at the Army-owned store in Mexico City. You have to apply for a permit to buy one there, and wait while they processs your application which typically takes up to 2 years. Then, if they approve your request, you are given a small window of time to get to Mexico City and then you have to wait there, usually 2 to 3 weeks, until they tell you your gun is ready for you to pick up. You then have 72 hours to pick up the handgun and get home with it, no matter how far from Mexico City you live. Once home, you are allowed to keep the "pistola" in your house for home defense, but may only take it out of the house to go to the nearest approved shooting range and return. You must request permission to do this as well, and get approval for each trip to the shooting range on a specific day. Applications usually take about 2 weeks to process. Ammunition purchases are similarly controlled.

The military are allowed to come to your house at any time to check and be sure you still have the handgun in your possession, and may confiscate it at any time, with no reason given except that your permit has been revoked,, or they need it more than you do.

In spite of this, about half of the homes out in the country areas do keep a house gun. .38 special, .380, .380 super, .25 ACP and .22 are the most common short gun calibers, as they are the ones least likely to get you into major trouble if the cops find out about them (for example, should you find yourself forced to use them to actually defend yourself, God forbid). Nearly all of these are imported from the US, although I have seen a few Spanish-made weapons, usually pretty old ones. So not all of the weapons smuggled into Mexico go to the bad guys. Many (most?) of them are actually the weapons used by private citizens to protect themselves and their homes, albeit "illegally".

The narco terrorist gangs that have been in the press lately obtain "assault" rifles, both AR-15s and AKs, with no trouble at all, and are generally 'way better armed than the gendarmes. The also have anti-tank weapons and fragmentation grenades readily available. The effect of the repressive anti-gun laws has been to criminalize and therefore virtually disarm law- abiding citizens and empower the bad guys. The result is what you may have seen in the press, with the narco-terrorist gangs killing each other and the military and police in the streets, with attendant collateral damage.

US citizens, take a lesson! Having the same constitutional guarantee of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms that the US enjoys, Mexico has infringed that guarantee into meaningless nonsense. It WILL happen here as well, if we allow it. It won't, IF we don't allow it! Stay vigilant. Stay on top of legislation and legislators. Use your rights or lose them!

The USA is almost unique in the world in this guarantee and actual practice of recognizing the right of private, law-abiding citizens to the means of self-defense.

Thank God for America, and may God bless the USA!
Another thing our government doesn't want to talk about is many of the guns used by the drug runners are guns supplied by our military to their military then sold on the black market to suppliment income. Our government would like everyone to believe these drug cartels get their guns at 'American gun shows' Give me a break

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