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OK, I have officially searched high and low with no sign of anyone having created a set of wallet sized Handgun/Concealed Carry/Deadly Force law card for our great state of NC.

If anyone has anything already made up I would love to see em. I am planning on creating a nice little printable PDF file if no one else has anything available.

I figured if something bad happened or just in case you need a refresher, it might be a good idea to have a set close by.

You might be better of with a business card of a criminal defense attorney that specializes in firearms cases. I testify in federal court as a expert witness, I'm also a reserve officer. Talking to the cops will not help your case, it makes it worse for the civil side too.

I am planning on creating this exact thing for each state one I have all the laws together. I was going to do PDF downloads that people can print out.
Like, I will compile VA laws for you. What "content" do you want on the cards? Specific locations "off limits" to carry, Castle Doctrine laws, reciprocity...? Good start?
One Already Exists

There is already a NC Reference card at Link Removed. Even though it is at, the card is still geared toward CCW and has all CCW Laws and Off-limits places.
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