Gun ban gets shut down


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Team Obama Halts Talk of Assault Weapons Ban | Newsweek Periscope |

My kind of news.

NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre told NEWSWEEK that Hill Democrats have "learned their lesson" from 1994, when they enacted the ban and subsequently lost control of Congress. They've also learned that cozying up to the NRA can pay big dividends. Last year Democrats received 20 percent of the nearly $1.2 million that the NRA pumped into congressional campaign coffers—more than twice what it gave to Dems just six years earlier. The way things are going, this could be more than a shotgun wedding.


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I have seen this report before, some place, I got t go looking. But my point is:

"Sc**w me once, Shame on You....
Sc**w me Twice, Shame on Me"

I do not trust this congress or this President any further than I can throw my F150-4by. These people have their work cut out for them to earn that trust...


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The ban isn't going anywhere. The machinery of subjugation is still primed to ram rod the AWB through Congress, I promise you. All the Obamanation administration is telling its minions is to stop talking about it. They're going stealth, throwing up the cloaking device of official silence. They've realized that it's still in our crosshairs and the mroe they talk about it, the more we get riled up to oppose it.

If we sit back on our laurels all haughty that "We showed `em.", that's when it'll quietly get added to an appropriations bill for the Ambassador to Malawi at 3:30 A.M.


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Congress will play both ends against the middle. When there's rumor of a ban, they know the NRA will come running with money in hand to secure their support. That support may waiver when pressured by the AG because of incidents like Va Tech and Binghamton and the SecState because of the drug war in Mexico this year or some other BS reason 2 years from now. It's not about legislation or what the Constitution says or what the people want, it's about money.


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It's not gone, just on hold till they can figure out how to include all firearms as assault weapons. The only truth this administration has told is that change was coming.
At the right moment they will try again. If it wasn't for the Mecican cartel gun sales being found an untruth that possibly would have been an in. You can relax on this matter if you wish but I think I'll stay awake and alert on it.


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Sounds good for now but as others have said I would not get to over joyed yet. The gun banners will never give up. they understand that sometimes they have top take one step back before taking the next two steps forward.


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IT is good that they are unsettled as a group. Now we just need to keep pressure on the moderates and those who have sent the letter to the administration and support them. (at least on this issue):biggrin:


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Did i read this right?

Yes you did, she may not be as dumb as she appears after all, remember this is politics the goal is to live off of the tax payers in order to do that you need to get reelected. With 75% of the public believing that they have the right to to keep and bear it is political suicide to say otherwise.


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Friday March 27th, 2009

Los Angeles Mayor Calls For Immediate Weapons Ban:

LA Officials Ask for Federal Ban on Assault Weapons | NBC Los Angeles

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and City Councilman Jack Weiss on Friday called for the federal government to reinstate a ban on assault weapons.

"This morning we are calling on Congress and the Obama administration to make gun control a top priority now and to reauthorize the assault weapons ban right away," - LA Mayor Villaraigosa ... Continued at:
LA Officials Ask for Federal Ban on Assault Weapons | NBC Los Angeles


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I did hear there is a bill being circulated in Washington DC, don't know what the number is, that will require all guns to be registered and you will be required to have a permit to buy ammo. They don't have to ban the gun, just control the ammo.:angry:


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And we are to believe that Suddenly Nancy Pelosi has gone from her 100% anti-second amendment to supporting it?

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (CA-D)

just a small sample of Gun Ban Pelosi's perfect F record of opposing the second amendment as written...

  • Voted NO on prohibiting product misuse lawsuits on gun manufacturers. (Oct 2005)
  • Voted NO on prohibiting suing gun makers & sellers for gun misuse. (Apr 2003)
  • Voted NO on decreasing gun waiting period from 3 days to 1. (Jun 1999)
  • Rated F by the NRA, indicating a pro-gun control voting record. (Dec 2003)
  • The democratic congresswoman from California is rabidly anti-gun. She is an avowed socialist who is F- rated by Gun Owners of America.
Consider that Speaker Pelosi was one of only 99 Representatives who voted IN FAVOR of gun confiscation in July 2006. That vote saw more than 300 congressmen cast their ballots to prohibit federal agents from stealing firearms from law-abiding citizens. It was truly an overwhelming majority who supported the Second Amendment rights of Americans.

But in that July 2006 vote, Nancy Pelosi joined the hard core left in Congress to SUPPORT gun confiscation. She actually voted to let government agents burst into your home and steal your firearms!

Still think you can believe Speaker Pelosi will oppose second amendment infringements that come to the floor of the house?

Just wait for the next second amendment infringement to come out of the House/Senate buried in some 1000+ page bill (that no body reads), stimulus package or some other tax & spend, budget bill...

Just like Bin Laden used the news to figure out what he should and should not do in his next attack, the Obamanation, aka the USURPER which includes his Gun Ban Generals like Holder, Clinton, Pelosi, Feinstein, Boxer, McCarthy, Schumer, Kerry, and his 6 figure campaign contributors like the Brady Campaign aka VPC, is jabbing, and moving, to see how we respond, to find out what approach they can take that we initially find the least offensive...

The ultimate goal, be it disguised, as a health reform bill, some new unheard of tax & spend program, etc., is confiscation or the rendering useless of every single firearm not in police or military hands...

This is the same approach that England, Canada, Australia, and the other countries that have banned your birth right to defend your life by any means necessary, using equal or greater force then can be brought against you by any threat foreign or domestic...

This is the same kind of TYRANNY that Thomas Jefferson stated was just cause for a NEW DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE, A NEW AMERICAN TEA PARTY!

YouTube - England Gun Ban Update


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you are absolutely right. they'll be back with this garbage for sure.

Well with the irresponsible spending going on we should be able to take a seat or 2 back. The country should be deep in rampant inflation at that time by because of all of the deficit spending.


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I think it's time we turn the tables. Currently we're holding our ground, and pretty well. But we can't win the war by being on the defensive. We should start pressing our Congressmen to start introducing more legislation to restore our freedoms. Imagine if a Congressman introduced a bill to abolish portions of the 1986 Firearm Owner Protection Act, which would allow the purchase of automatic weapons manufactured after then. Or how about a bill to replace the Federal Air Marshals by allowing CCW on aircraft.

There are a lot of opportunities. Nationwide reciprocity and National Park carry is a good start.


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They may very well have given up on any further gun control regulation from Congress. I would actually feel better if the administration was pushing harder.
At this point, I think it is more likely they will sneak it through in a UN treaty, probably focused on human rights or protect the children.
They will then say the treaty supercedes the Constitution........

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