Guess he didn't see this coming...

Can't see the City able to do this. If he didn't have permit and was on private property they have no cause. (Other than Political)

You can burn a Bible, burn the Flag, heck even burn your Draft Card BUT one mention of the Marauding Muslim Maniacs and their book of Massacre and it's as if you've breached the HOLY GRAIL of the World. What has become of these United States of America?????????
Would tell them to take their security and put it where the sun does not shine. I will donate a few days and drive down free of charge---and be more than happy doing it. :angry:
That's pretty bogus. I'm not saying that the pastor is right, but this is another example of the unequal playing field I have come to know and dislike in the world we live in.

Apparently the "town" is allowed to express their anger by sending a bill, but the pastor is not allowed to express his.
They should send the bill to the Muslims.

Oh now. HK, everyone knows that Islam is a religion of "peace". They would never do anything that would warrent them getting a bill for!:sarcastic:
Bill him for what? He was on private property, he did not request security, The event never happened.

How about sending the bill to the terrorists... If I were the reverend I'd change my name to Crime. Crime don't pay...


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