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I wanted to introduce myself to this great group.
1 Oct 2003, I retired from the Army after nearly 29 years of service. Actually 28 years, 11 months, 18 only felt like 29 years. I started out in 1966 as a Navy Hospital Corpsman, from 1967 to 1969 I spent with Uncle Sams Misguided Children (USMC). 13 months, 68-69, as a line company Corpsman with C/1/3, 3d MARDIV, Vietnam.
I later joined the Army as a Bio-Med Repair Tech...went to school and became an Army Nurse from which I retired after my return from Bosnia in 2002.

Us Army types LOVED the Marines, I mean charging @ machine-gun nests, busting thru live mine fields & punji-stick foot traps, tearing-up barbed-wire entanglements (!), hand-2-hand combat @ times, craziest most Gung-Ho widow-makers I ever knew. If it were not for USMC natural born killers, us Army folks would have gotten our boots all muddy and called in air + arty until the shooting stopped, we would have had 2 do all that crazy stuff ourselves, instead of landing on nice sniper-free secured beaches or helo-ing into cold L/Z's. Semper-Fidelis indeed! And I thought I was a hot-shot super-medic until I ran into a few force-recon fleet Navy Corpsmen, better than many of our doctors/P.A.'s and fitter than most Olympic marathon runners! VERY glad U Jar's are bonding up a storm :wub: just no video uploads of your V.C. ear neck-lace collections 'K? Luke will have my ass!

C-L :drag:
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Joined the us army at age 19 in 66, went to ft polk for basic, then on to ft lee, va (supply school), served in panama, germany and vietnam, in veitnam, responsible for resupplying 3 firebases, with ammo (105's) food and mail, served with the americal division same brigade as lt calley. My hats off to all you grunts!!! Got out after 6 years with rank of e-5, looking back i wish i had stayed longer, live in the memphis, tn area. Will not vote for the big eared clown, (bh odummy). Just my thoughts. Just recently started to carry, started out with 9mm, then changed to .45 (feel safer). Thanks to all veterans and active duty for making this a great nation!!
Many Thanks,
I appreciate the posts you are making to this thread. It is useful to know who did what for whom and when. Red Hat an Air Force Retiree, must have had some choice assignments, and a few rotten ones too! Patch Delta 29 years Army (and you are still alive!) and a history of Navy Corpsman too, man did you ever serve or what! Skindad88 Semper Fi & thanks for posting. And etdllewis a Nam Vet U got my respect right there! Between you 4 who popped-smoke that's about a century of service! Keep 'em coming fellow patrons.

Canis-L :dance3:
As a ILANG 95B(MP) went to Desert Storm, returned volunteered to go to Germany for 9 months back filling AD MP shortages. Spent 3, 3 month tours on AD in Panama. Young and dumb thought the Army screwed me over got out in 95. Decided it was the place for me again in 2000 went AD reclassed to 92M (Mortuary Affairs) Yes exactly what it sounds like, here's where it got real interesting. Arriived on the Pentagon front lawn from Ft. Lee, Va. at approx 1400hrs on 9/11 2001 was the QRF squad leader so was the first team to roll towards Washington to start in on the recoveries of our fallen comrades. Part of the intial push into Afghan Mar 02, set up the Kandahar and Bagram Mortuary Collection Points, went to LA in support of the recovery efforts of Katrina. Somewhere in there "issues" developed was medically reclassed to 35H(Intelligence) in 04 been living the good life ever since being stationed at RAFB in Ga. as aircrew member for the JSTARS platform. Currently on my 5 deployment with JSTARS. Have fast tracked enough that pinned my E/7 just shy of 8 years AD service. Oh and as far as weapons 4-1911's, AR10, AR15, AK47pistol, BerCX4 Carbine.45, 4- P series rugers, 2- Ruger MK II, Multiple .22 rifles, 30-30,45-70 plus "others" from grandpa's collection when he passed. Not a all inclusive list but the main ones I take to the ranges or hunt with..Almost forgot the Yellow pages addition HOWA .308 Bull Barrel Thumbhole Lament stock and as my fellow gun nuts in the unit call a Heuvel telscope on top, just for when the need ever arises to reach out and touch "something":)
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