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I have belonged to this forum for years. They helped me to get my homebuilt 1911 up and running. Great site with great people.

Lots of other stuff here, but a lot of 1911 material.


If you are building or working on 1911's the membership fee is well worth it.


Would they help with an AR build as well?

YES! These guys build them frame up and also do 80% projects. Start with a frame that it 80% complete and finish it yourself. 80% 1911's as well.

Some even mill the frame from scratch.

They also do AK receivers from flats.

Great resource and the instructional DVD are great too.

Good stuff.
Thanks, Big E. I'll check it out.

I don't know if you are into the 80% projects or not, but I think that the whole concept is cool. For the 1911's you of mill the rails and do the finish work on the frame. An 80% frame is not a frame for there is no serial on it. You get to add your custom serial. How cool is that?

UHH who made your 1911?.... "I DID".
That is cool but I have neither the equipment or the expertise to do something like that. :(

Actually you would be surprised. I have seen it done with high end milling machines and then done equally well with a dremel tool or hack saw blade.

It can be done with a minimum set of basic tools.

All the info is on that site.

Good luck
Thanks for posting, I joined today. I just can't post there yet ?!
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