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Notice the suspect behind the car, apparently firing a gun - you see the smoke from the muzzle, and a split second later - the Shepherd Police Dog leaps across the roof of the auto, clamps onto the suspect, and brings him down so quickly - you'll watch it several times to really appreciate the valor of this dog.
This police dog is so fast, you have to watch this a few times to appreciate it. Go dog, go!!


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Wow...awesome takedown! I'd like to have that dog on my side.

This kind of looks like an exercise though. Note the suspect wearing a huge and very thick jacket, which is probably the training clothes they use to keep themselves from losing an arm. It also looks like it might be in Europe (probably Germany), judging from the tiny car and right hand door open.
Yes, after you look at it closely, it looks like a training exersize.Either way that dog sure is good.
Divine K-9

Definitely a training video...that being said, that dog is awesome! My wife and I donate to the Police K-9 fund here in Barnstable County. Helps local police with K-9 body armor, dog training and new dogs when the old ones retire.
You can find lots more of these on Youtube. One shows a Alsatian pulling somebody out of the drivers window! And wait til you see the hostage problem solved. My Tilly (see avatar) is capable of awesome force but can I say this so she isn't offended ... not quite as agile as the police dog shown.
This is a training exercise by....I think the Germans. If not Germany, then some place close. It's been a while since i've seen this one. There's actually another angle you can check out if you can find it. It's located in front of the car and really shows that dog fahhh-lying!
You left out the end. Where the dog turns on a handler. Pretty funny, people who have trained protection dogs like to see that part. It's old school "agitation" training.
I had a BIG Rottweiller years ago who just would have smashed into the side of the car and rolled it on top of the BG!
Looks like the dog is a Malinois. Smaller than a shepherd, but don't tell them that, they think they are huge! Some of the best working dogs in the world.

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