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Hey gang - I’ve got a few questions maybe some of you can answer. I work in construction in Southern California and I EDC. I use an Alien Gear ShapeShift 4.0 IWB Holster after trying out numerous holsters to hold my G26, really like it. I’ve changed up my style to accommodate the slight bulge at my 4 o’clock and I’m comfortable driving, walking, climbing and jumping. Here’s the issue - I also wear a safety vest (Kishigo 1515). I’m finding between the shirt over the belt and the vest, drawing the G can be tricky, some of the time really clumsy.

I practice dryfire draw a lot, using my laser cartridge to follow through. Being new to EDC, I’m starting to find clothes that help out, like shirts from 511 Tactical with the snap buttons and shirt length that’s not too clingy. I know practice will improve my draw, but that damned vest - there’s got to be a better way.

I‘d like to know where you get your CCW friendly clothing, I’m not wedded to 511, but short of taking my button/zip down clothes to the tailor I’d like to find a wider selection of off the rack threads. Secondly, if any of you work construction and have ideas for what I can do to the vest to make it less onerous when pulling up the vest (and the shirt) to get a hold of the spoon in my back pocket, I appreciate that.

I pulled out the sewing machine, but I’m no good at that (and the wife isn’t much better). I‘ve got a bunch of old vests for experimentin’, I’m aiming to come up with something and maybe from there have a tailor do it right. Ideas?


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511 "tactical" makes a really nice reflective raincoat for when you are riding a motorcycle in the rain.


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“To criminals in the inner cities, it’s a surefire signal that someone’s a cop. It’s even been noticed internationally. There are even instances where embassies have asked anyone working there not to wear 5.11 because it’s too obvious.”

Makes sense. Thanks QO


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If you wear your CCW Badge with 5.11 "tactical" clothing, it won't make you look like a cop, but rather a sheepdog.

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