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I know a few of the folks here are probably members so this is for those who are in SC and are not.

Please join Grass Roots Gun Rights in SC. We are looking for members who will be active participants in changing legislation in SC.

Once you've joined, please participate in the leadership forums.

There are several issues to be addressed this session. We need to address a few of those now or we may not have a chance to revisit them for sometime.

Most here know of the open carry bill, H3003. This bill is more than an open carry bill and other bills are going to be introduced which benefit us.

I apologize in advance if this is old news and everyone is a member already. If you're not, please join us in taking action.

GrassRoots South Carolina - Our Goal: Citizens carrying arms whenever and wherever they choose.

I got my latest defender newspaper (they arrive to far apart) and the label on it says I expired back in '07... I can't figure that out... because I'm pretty sure I would have sent in my membership renewal if I got one. I've been meaning to check on this.

Yes! Everybody needs to join... Grassroots is our voice down in Cola.
I think they are talking about spacing the paper out even further to cut expense so the money can be used on legislative issues first and foremost.
My checking program says I haven't sent them a check since Jan of '06! Damn, I would have sworn on a brand new blue book of gun values that I was a paid up member... My punishment is to not only rejoin but send them the extra $50 for the past two years...
here is the page on the grassroots sight that has links to that bill and two others...

If you can figure out what 3003 is about then you're a "better man than me charlie brown."
OK H3003 will simply eliminate the section of the code about unlawful carry. thus open carry is legal. You'll still need a permit to CC. In fact the guys over at OCDO are stepping up to the plate to help us and I'm going to be hitting local radio and print with it. you can get the press release at OCDO.

H3003 has a lot of sponsors on it so it has some muscle behind it.

Contact your reps guys. Don't wait.

Other bills that will be introduced will allow CC in eating establishments and I have word it will follow Floridas 51/49 deal.

This bill has sponsors and is very likely to pass.

We also have a bill to allow pick up and drop off of students at schools by CWP holding parents. This will cover public and private schools as well as daycare places.

Now you won't be a felon when you drop your kid off at school or pick them up.

This bill has sponsors and is likely to pass.

CWP liability act. This would put liability on places that post against CWP. Im not sure if this is the correct name for the thing.

Anyway, it would state that places that post againts CWP would be held liable if anything bad goes down because by posting, they are attracting the criminal element.

Im not sure if we have a sponsor yet or how this would play out.

So there ya go. If you haven't already, go to OCDO and look for the link to the open carry petition. Sign it. My sig is number 1008. glad to do it.
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here is the page on the grassroots sight that has links to that bill and two others...

If you can figure out what 3003 is about then you're a "better man than me charlie brown."

Yes, H3003 is a tricky read. GRGRSC has said there are a few details that would hurt CWP. I told em they need to get some rewording done then and lets get the correct wording to the sponsors.
H 3003 doesn't have a snowball's chance in its present form to even make it our of committee. The other two have a high probability of passage in some form but I haven't read them to see exactly what they say.

I contacted my Rep on these a while back and he ageed with my projections and is pro-gun.
Well, we can only try... I question all the 'likely to pass' comments.. nothing personal but from what I've seen of the politicians down in Cola... they get paid, by us, to debate and debate and debate, and debate... and come up with the lamest excuses for not supporting everything.

I'm torn on the open carry issue. I'm all in favor of it in principle but fear it might backfire on us. If businesses see people open carrying then I bet you anything signs are going up all over the place and I bet a lot more of the signs will be legal.

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