Governor Charlie Crist will appoint a new member to the Florida Supreme Court


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In a few short days, Governor Charlie Crist (R) will appoint a new member to the Florida Supreme Court to fill the vacancy created by retiring Justice Charles Wells.

This appointment is absolutely critical to gun owners.

We need judges who respect all our freedoms, especially our Second Amendment freedoms. We need judges who will strictly uphold the Constitution, ALL of the Constitution and not legislate from the bench.

Of the four candidates under consideration for appointment, Judge Alan Lawson is the ONLY candidate we trust with our rights, our freedoms and our values. Judge Lawson is clearly the most qualified to serve on the Supreme Court.

Judge Alan Lawson is the only candidate we trust to uphold all of the Constitution. The appointment of Judge Alan Lawson is critical to the balance of the Court and justice in Florida.

Therefore, we need to let Governor Crist know that we only TRUST and SUPPORT JUDGE ALAN LAWSON for appointment to the Florida Supreme Court in the upcoming vacancy.

Please email Governor Crist IMMEDIATELY and urge him to appoint Judge Alan Lawson to the Florida Supreme Court.

Your action is critical.

To email the Governor, please use the links below:
[email protected] and [email protected]

Fax your letter to the Governor at (850) 487-0801.

Call the Governor at (850) 488-7146.


contact the Governor's Chief Legal Counsel Mr. Jason Gonzalez, please use the below email address: [email protected]

Fax your letter to Mr. Gonzalez at (850) 488-9810.

Your e-mail, fax and phone call is CRITICAL and has to be done TODAY!

Background on Judge Alan Lawson can be found Link Removed

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