Government Destroys Once-Fired Brass:


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:mad: …In the email below from the Defense Logistics Agency you will see that DLA has effectively ordered the immediate non-sale and destruction of all once-fired military brass… Why is this a problem? The RKBA is only as good as the ammunition supply for the firearms we own. The shelves of the Nation's sporting goods stores are essentially bare of ammunition. The entire ammunition market in the U.S. is highly stressed… Against this background of ammunition shortage, about the only ammunition that continues to be somewhat available is that from second tier manufacturers who are remanufacturing ammunition from once-fired military cartridge brass. As of yesterday, that supply came to an end because of the DLA administrative decision to destroy ("demil") all fired military brass…

Government Destroys Once Fired Brass Cases


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I read about this on some other boards and from what I can tell is the ruling involves brass that has been sold as scrap. I sounded as if someone was selling brass mixed in with other scrap metal and the company was separating it out. If the brass was sold as one-fired brass they could reuse it. The difference between the two is $2.00 per pound vs. 35 cents per pound.

Reading between the lines it could have well been that someone in the military was selling this company once fired brass as scrap metal and getting a kickback from the company. All of this is just speculation and rumor but it does sound like there is much more to this ruling than what is being told in these emails. :no:


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I'm not too sure it's only the scrap. I think this started last year. I found this memo but nothing current. Looks like last June DLA was thinking about classing all fired brass 50cal and under as requiring to be demiled. I'm still looking.

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