Government Demands Inventory of All VFW Weapons


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Government Demands Inventory of All VFW Weapons

Kurt Nimmo
June 9, 2009
An Infowars reader has passed along an email sent to VFW commanders by the Assistant Adjutant of the Department of Texas Veterans of Foreign Wars indicating the U.S. Army TACOM (Tactical Army Command) is demanding an inventory of all weapons held by VFW posts.

Email sent to VFW commanders
Inventory form

“While you may have had possession of this equipment for 20, 40, 60 or 100 years,” the email states, “it still belongs to the U.S. Military.”

The email arrived with an inventory attachment where all weapons are to be listed and the document sent to the Department of Texas Veterans of Foreign Wars. “This form will then be bounced off of the central database of all Texas VFW Posts at U.S. Army TACOM to verify serial numbers of each item that has been issued. This is a very extensive list and goes back to before the VFW was founded. So if you have a cannon from the Spanish-American War — it’s on the list.”

Many VFW halls around the country have decommissioned military weapons on their properties along with uniforms, statues and flags from every era. It is a common practice for VFW honor guard units to use M-1 rifles made into blank firing devices for salutes at parades and funerals. Weapons held by VFW posts are generally kept under lock and key in storage rooms.

TACOM is not simply interested in blank firing devices and antique rifles and pistols, however. “Weapons and Equipment consist of but is not limited to, Rifles, Pistols, Mortars, Artillery, Tanks, Vehicles, Aircraft, Missiles, Aircraft Carriers (sic), etc, from any period.”

According to the email, any attempt “hide” the items will be dealt with severely. “Please do not try and hide this as all weapons and equipment not accounted for will be reported to the FBI and BATF as stolen military equipment,” writes Dan West, retired Sgt. USMC. “I am hopeful that I need not remind anyone of the severity of punishment that can be administered or the legal bills resulting from individuals or elected officers of the Post having possession of stolen military weapons.”

The inventory of weapons at VFW posts is further evidence the government does not trust veterans, even with antiquated and non-functioning military equipment used primarily for display and historical purposes.

Last month the government took the unprecedented step of requiring soldiers at Fort Campbell in Kentucky to disclose all of their privately owned weapons and gun licenses.

“Military officials insist the policy is not connected to a recent controversial Department of Homeland Security report that warned disgruntled veterans could pose a national security threat. Rather, the inventory of private guns is aimed at stemming what the Army claims is an increasing number of accidental discharges by gun-toting soldiers,” NewsMax reported on May 5. WorldNetDaily reported that Fort Bliss in Texas had informed soldiers who live off the premises to provide descriptions, serial numbers, calibers, makes and models of any of the guns they own privately.

I guess the local VFW will have to report that F-14 Tomcat it has on a mount in the nearby park. And the Blackhawk helicopter in the Veterans Memorial Park here in Deltona.

If I were the VFW, I'd give the government that great comeback:

'Taint nobody's business what anyone has in their homes, regardless of whether they are GIs or not! Work is work and home is home!
Frankly I doubt that the Army actually cares about de-miled M1s and 1903s. Some Obama weenie instigated this. When are they going to shut down the CMP program and come after all the stuff they've sold over the years. It begins.
Actually, the U.S. Army TACOM has created a monster over the years by not keeping an accurate inventory of weapons loaned to various Veterans organizations and military museums. About ten years ago the New York State Police stopped a guy driving a APC on a State highway on his way to the gas station. The guy claimed to have his own private military museum, and the APC as well as several other items were loaned to him by TACOM.

Every so often this issue rears its ugly head as TACOM tries to get a handle on the situation. As to antique cannons and rifles, not all belong to the FEDS. Here in New York State, many old military artifacts such as cannons have been loaned to Veterans organizations by New York State, who purchased the items a hundred or more years ago. I wouldn't give up squat!:pleasantry:

THis is not an issue of dis-arming the Veterans:smile:
I thought possession was 9/10 of the law. :laugh: I think this is just somebody's idea of getting the accountants and auditors off his back. They can't even lkeep track of what is in present inventory and in active use much less what is the VFW posts from 50 years ago but somebody has to say we are making an attempt.

Heck, I work at a state college and somebody had the big idea of putting barcode inventory stickers on software.

Me: Here is the sticker in the book
Auditor: But where is the software?
Me: It's installed on the server.
Auditor: That's a $75,000 piece of software, I need to see it.
Me: Here is the CD it came on.
Auditor: How about the upgrades, that was another $25,000.
Me: I downloaded those over the Internet
Auditor: But where are they?
Me: Bang, Bang, Bang! One less idiot in the world. (Ooops, forgot I can't carry on school property)
Maybe DHS and the Dept. of the Army would be kind enough to provide substantiation of the "increasing number of accidental discharges by gun-toting soldiers" .... outside of those serving in the line of duty at the time of the incident. Maybe they could further advise how many such incidents were with personal weapons? (We can do the math to arrive at the actual percentage of personal vs. government-owned weapon discharges they are talking about here!) How many takers that we'd see this is the smoke, and they are manipulating the mirrors to 'dazzle and deter' so no one has to admit it is all about 'inventory' (in the case of the VFW, anyway). Hmmmmmm. "Weenies" may indeed be the operative term!
Seems like two different things to me.

I have no problem with them requesting an inventory of all weapons and equipment on loan; after all it does belong to them.

On the other hand, requiring somebody to list an inventory of all weapons kept OFF POST is pushing it a bit too far. And whatever civilian licensing I may or may not have is of no concern to the Army.
This is just more proof of the communist manifesto...

This is just more proof of the communist manifesto being put into place by out socialist leadership with a tip of the hat to Marxism and a sweeping bow to Islamic law!

The current administration is TERRIFIED of vets of any age...WE SEE THROUGH THE BS !!!!!

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