Got turned down for a permit.


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I recently changed jobs which require trips to some of the worst areas of Atlanta. I have not had a pressing need for a permit for some time and allowed my permit issued in 1987 to expire. So I went to the court house paid the $60 bucks and went through the process assuming my permit would arrive in the mail in a couple of weeks. Instead I got a letter stating it had been denied. After checking into why I found out that I have a first offender notation for misdimeanor possesion of a controlled substance on my GBI file. However nothing comes up when I asked for a criminal back ground record from my local sheriffs office. This first offender incedent happened when I was 16 years old I'm 53 now. I can't even get a record of the case from the court house since they have no record of it. Has any body had a issue like this and if so is there any recourse.

Thanks in advance for the help!

I believe you can fight that. If I'm thinking correctly, the law was introduced after you got your first permit, so you should be able to renew it? A guy we hired to paint our house in GA had the same problem, but ended up getting his after fighting it. He mentioned something about the law not being in effect when he first got his licence, as opposed to now or something like that. May wanna look into it.
Assuming its the Sherrif's Department that determines an applicants qualifications, I would contact the Sherrif and try to make an appointment to explain the circumstances and request reconsideration.

Had a similar problem with my wife. She is disabled(bed or wheelchair).
She applied for her permit a couple years ago and was denied. She was arrested one time in her life--drug possession in Riverside Ca--she was 16 at the time. She's now 61 and president of a non profit org.
Riverside Ca purged all records that far back.
The sheriff here was real cool though. If you get a denial it's harder to re apply here so he called me about it and we just cancelled the application.
He told me the best way to straighten it out was to contact the FBI because that's who's records it showed up on. My wife doesn't want to deal with the FBI so she does not have a permit. She's armed at home and if she goes anywhere it's always with me and I'm armed.
You might try contacting the local FBI office and see if they can straighten this out
Good Luck
You can get felonies expunged now, I'm sure this can be as well. I agree with billwot, you need facetime. This can be fixed.

You might want to send in for your non-res FL permit after you get the GA one as backup.
FWIW, man, fight, fight, fight...Youthful indiscretions should not serve as a basis for denial. I would fight this tooth and nail, it's worth it in the long run. Whatever you gotta do. I know it might be a supreme hassle dealing with all the beaucrats and all I can do is encourage you. And maybe you'll be surprised; I know I was.

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