Got my first handgun.


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I was able to get a Sig Sauer P320 Full Size on for a good price. I had the opportunity to try firing one during one of my training classes and really liked it so I spent some time trying to find a deal on one. I'm happy with my purchase and was able to convince my wife she should be familiar with it so she took a class the day I took delivery of the gun. After having the gun for a while now my wife is asking for a gun of her own. Still want to get a smaller carry gun for myself and a something like a Ruger 10/22 for target shooting. This sure can be an addicting and expensive interest.



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Congrats! It want be your last I started out with a XDm .45 4.5 Springfield and the rest is down hill.


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I applied for more than one purchase permit from the Sheriff when I first started off knowing before hand that, I would end up getting more than one in the future. Just not sure what will be next yet. BTW, congrats and be responsible, alert and have fun.


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Congrats on your purchase. I bought a Sig P320 as well. I really like it. As for your wife wanting a gun of her own I say let her do it. I'm an instructor and I'm seeing more women than ever which is awesome. The problem is most women come to my classes with the wrong gun. It's the same story my husband got me this and he said this is what I should have. That's irresponsible and wrong for husbands to do that. Women need to do research and ask questions go to the range rent a few guns find what is best for them. One of the most important factors will be what is she using the gun for. Is it range shooting, self defence, home protection, or conceal carry. It will be overwhelming at first, but it will empower her to make such a big decision.

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