Got my CWP!


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Just thought I'd share the news with you guys! I live in FL and it took only 8 days to get it in the mail. I went to the licensing department last Thursday (6/30) and it was in my mailbox yesterday. I also took a tactical night fire pistol course instructed by a SWAT instructor and learned so much. I know not everyone has a concealed permit but I'm glad I have mine and it's nice to know that there are many responsible folks out there carrying.

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Welcome to THE club and big congratulations!!! Be safe and stay safe. If you can't, at least be dangerous.:wacko::biggrin:


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Congrats as well, I am in Florida and did mine via mail so I am still waiting but it seems like they have stream lined their process quite a bit.


I live in upstate NY. It only takes 5 or 6 months to get a CCW in the mail. I hope to have mine in September.


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Congratulations! Good job. Great idea to take the night training. It's a nice feeling getting the permit, eh? I've had mine for less than a month, have carried concealed around the neighborhood a bit, carried in my bag on a couple overnights away (but not out of state) with the wife. Still getting used to it and haven't had enough range/training time yet. That will change soon, though.


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TN carry permit

Here in Tennessee they have up to 3 months to respond after application. My wife and I received ours in 8 days! Taking a lot of range time and looking forward to some additional classes.
Congrads! And welcome to the club. Train as often and your money and time allows. You already started off in the right direction with that night pistol class. Be safe, be responible.

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