Google Chrome didnt want to let me on this site!


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So I get up this afternoon, getting ready for night shift, and trying to log on to one of my favorite sites I get a malware beware message from Google about USACarry. Has anyone else gotten the same message? As I have been coming here for a while and have yet to set off any of the malware\spyware programs on my computer, Im wondering if our little community here hasnt upset the powers that be in Google and now they are trying some underhanded crap to try and keep us away.

It happened as I was trying to click over here from Facebook. But it also happened as I was trying to click over to a fitness web site.
Getting Malware messages here as well, blocked me a half dozen times from getting on this site today, going to research, I bet we can blame this on the government too.
It's probably your antivirus. Just allow it as an exception. I've scanned Usacarry with norton, nothing wrong with it. Some ahole libtard tagged it as a phishing site or something like that through their Antivirus.
I have been getting it a lot lately with Chrome and Firefox. I run McAfee so I do not know if is the browsers or my antivirus.
I've had the warnings on several different websites, and I use Firefox, but I don't use Google for much of anything. They are in cahoots with the federal government, and I don't like that. I'll use google only in an absolute emergency... and I have very very few of those. :eek:)
Norton 360 said that there was an attack coming from the server for last week. It kept blocking it but did allow me in.
I would bet the farm it's the anti virus program. I had old Mac V on my system and it caused many log on problems. Every time I get a Java notice to up date their software it trys to include old Mac V. You have to notice the small checked box and un click it. If you have it just remove the program.
It may be bad code in a banner ad or on an adserver site. I've seen that before. The adserver gets tagged as a suspicious site and then all sites that use it for ads get warnings.
I use IE9 and it's no problem. I also have Google Crome on my computer. I tried Google Chrome and it was no problem so those of you having problems must be getting it from your antivirus or something else. Of course, the radical leftist antigunners are trying everything they can to make life difficult for us gun owners. I swear that most of them must have defective mental processes!

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