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I've just been thinking about my pocket knife lately and was wondering if you all have a preferred pocket knife for defense and why. Right now I have a leatherman squirt--it has lots of functions that cover most mom duties in a day and I can carry it in my pocket (a must as I don't usually wear a belt). BUT the blade on it is right near useless for anything besides cutting an envelope open as it is real small. So overall functional, but not for defensive purposes unless I throw it at someone and I'm not that good at throwing things :) Anyway, what do you all carry/like?

Of course, I always stress that like with a gun, a person should try to develop skill if they carry a defensive knife. However, I think most of us see that as a last ditch anyways. I tend to carry a swiss army knife in my pocket for utility, not defense though. Out in the woods I carry a re-edged air force survival 7 inch fixed knife. Its great outdoors and I can throw it at an object 10 feet away, but its more for fun and not a good defense tactic. I have a 4 inch kershaw onion folding blade. I've been known to carry that from time to time especially when a gun is not possible, but I can get away with a 4 inch blade. My favorites are tactical mini karambit knifes. They have a blade either curved from the handle or angled from the handle. However, these take practice and are a slashing weapon, not a thrusting weapon.

My favorite knife to carry for defense, utility, ect is the Oregon Bear Claw. The whole fixed knife is probably 5 inches long. 2.5 inches of a curved claw like blade. The handle has a place for your finger. This thing is great for cutting open boxes, recycling things, etc. Its small enough to probably not give LEO too much worry, but dont let size trick you. That little knife can do some serious damage. But its small and I made a sheath to put it in either a vertical or horizontal position on the belt. Very concealable and fits hidden in your palm. Holding a punching fist it sticks out the bottom curved forward. Not only can you slash some severe wounds, but the curved blade also gives a controlling edge for grappling and joint blocking. You can use it like ninjitsu sometimes uses ninja stars in a inner circle cqb type situation for control and not injurty.

Although I like knife fighting movies like "The Hunted", the knives they use weigh a ton and are huge. Realistically most combat knife fighting experts suggest you find a knife that is extremely light, has one set purpose either slashing or thrusting, and has a blade no longer than your outstreched palm. There is a tanto folder out there that I'm thinking of getting, although since the kerkshaw has a hard time keeping a good edge. :)
I like a good folding knife with a quick thumb action on it. A little flick of the hand, and some help from the thumb, and the blade's out in no time. I never liked the holstered non-folding ones.
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two good choices

I always have one of the two below pocketed:
The wonderful CRKT M-16 small version. It does have a clip, but it is removable, though you don't have to. It deploys instantaneously with a choice of flipper, thumb stud, or wrist flick. It is delivered very sharp and maintains its edge. Slim, light, pocketable. $30-50 I think.

AG Russell One-hand knife, kydex (or some such handle material). This is my all-time favorite. I've lost them and bought them again. Not big, but instantaneous deployment with practice. Use a wrist flick or snap open ala with the Spyderco-type hole in blade. Do NOT use the hole as a thumb stud. This thing is so @#$%^& ing sharp, it will cut you to the bone [the voice of experience]. The knife is also available with a nice kydex neck sheath and chain. It is very, very light and thin. Some people might not understand its picklock, so if you loan it out, tell them you'll close it. About $50.

A cc knife does not need size. A knife is not a deterrant unless you want to carry a Bowie. You do not brandish a defense blade, because when you do, you have to defend yourself and the knife. And why would you need speed, if all you want to do is wave it around? A blade is an up close and personal thing.
If you can get the March issue of S.W.A.T. magazine there is a good article called CONDITION RED,DEFENDING AGAINST MIXED MARTIAL ARTISTS. Part of the article deals with what type of knife should be carried to defend ones self. the aurthor states that a small fixed blade similar to what whiptrackercracker suggested. The article explains why a fixed blade is best for the type of work we are talking about and suggests a couple of designs.
I carry a Gerber Evo. It weighs 2.8 oz's and it holds a razor-sharp edge. I like the pocket clip for easy access. Link Removed

Link Removed

I bought mine at Link Removed in Lost Wages for a mere $20. Quality knife for a cheap price:03:
fixed vs folding

In re. to HK4U's ckomment about the fixed blades. There are certainly a number of very good fixed blades and carry systems out there recently. But the original poster may not want to go that route. You know, the Walther PPS in pocket beats the 1911 in the home safe every time kind of thing.

In re. to the Canis post about the sword cane. That is the very one I've been considering buying, and you answered all my questions except one. How difficult is it to deploy; that is, are those o rings hard to overcome?
We're not allowed to carry firearms here in the people's republic of Hawaii :sad: so I carry two folding knives. I have a Spyderco Endura with the 50/50 blade as my primary and a Benchmade as my secondary. I sometimes substitute one of my Kershaw Leek knives as my secondary. I've configured my carry style to allow for me to draw my primary with my right hand (dominant hand) and my secondary with my left hand (support hand). If the mission/situation calls for it, I'll have a Kershaw Leek in each boot. When I'm allowed to "carry", the knives don't interfere with the position of my carry gun(s).

Cool thing about the Kershaw Leek knives is that they have the "assisted opening" feature. There's a stud that protrudes through the frame that causes a spring to open the knive when pressed.

I carry a Benchmade AFCK (advanced folding combat knife) 3.9 inch blade which keeps it legal in most states. It has a pocketclip, black in color which does not attract attention. It has a thumb hole in the blade which will allow for opening the knife in less time than a switchblade. It has a high edge retention on the blade and has a 50/50 straight/serrated edge. It has been a constant companion of mine for the last 11 years, and would recommend it hightly to anyone interested in acquiring a high quality knife.

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