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Bought a new LCR this week and the background check only took 12 minutes. Guess they are finally caught up.

What kind of background check do they do in CO? In SC they do the standard NICS check and the longest I have ever had is about 45 seconds. That was before I got my CWP so now there is no check at all.
same check but right after the election it was taking 4 or more hours and in some cases days.
Wow! Obama wins Colorado and the election, and the process for buying a gun got better? Who would've thought that?
Going out tomorrow if the weather holds, been waiting for ammo and holster that arrived this week.
Went up to Pawnee Grasslands and relieved a lot of stress, :biggrin:

Shot a box or 38sp FMJ and half a box or +P jhp through the LCR. I really like it, the trigger is real nice, I actually hit the target too. :sarcastic:

If you are thinking about an LCR I will recommend it to all.

Put a box through my CZ P01 and shot some #1, #4 and 00 Buck through my Mossberg 500A to see which one I want to use for home defense, I think I will keep #4 in it.

All in all a great day, 85 degrees and sunny.

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