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Just got this e mail this afternoon. Great news!! THANK YOU VCDL!! & ALL!!

We were expecting this and it finally happened - Tom Lambert, with the Virginia State Police, has just given me the good news - Virginia now has full reciprocity with South Carolina as of September 19th!

SC is now listed on the VSP web site:

Virginia State Police

NOTE: South Carolina has acknowledge receipt of the signed agreement from Virginia, but has NOT yet updated their web site. You might wait until the SC site is updated before carrying there:

Link Removed

VCDL would like to thank Tom Lambert with the VSP, as well as Bill Rentiers with Grassroots RunRights of South Carolina, for their help in getting this arrangement finalized.

Yep, we knew that was coming. It takes SLED a long time to update their site. It should be up in a few days.
So did the two states resolve the issue about South Carolina's permits not being verifiable 24 hours a day?
Congratulations Tusker. My Arizona and Utah permits were already honored in Virginia and both Carolinas but I'm always pleased to hear any additions to interstate reciprocities.

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