Good handgun recommendations for my wife to carry for protection.

Patrick Shearer

Alright, I'm posting again hoping to get some advice. I've had some great advice from here so, I'm hoping this will work again.

My wife currently has a Walther P22 (I carry a Ruger SR9c) - I've been trying to tell her she needs a bigger caliber gun if she's wanting to carry for protection but, she's afraid she won't be a good shot with a gun that has heavier recoil. As you probably know, the P22 doesn't have that. Yes, it's a great gun for range shooting but, she needs a bigger caliber handgun. She thinks the smaller guns that have a bigger caliber round like the LCP, .380, etc. are not good for her because of the recoil that comes with them. I mentioned getting her a revolver but, she's hyped up on wanting a more modern looking semi-auto like mine. (I guess she thinks they look cool or something). Any good recommendations for her? She's a girly girl so her outfits aren't well designed for concealed carry very well but, one she could put in her purse or tuck in her waist easily, would be nice. On top of that, I don't want to spend a lot of money, $300-$400 would be best. Any good suggestions, please? Thanks!


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I got my wife a taurus tcp .380, she loves it and it comes with a nice bulldog holster, easy to put in her purse.


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I think your wife is correct.I wouldn't try to push her into a caliber that she's not comfy with.She will be the deadliest with what she can shoot accurately.I once read an article about the best gun for protection against a bear attack and the conclusion was the biggest caliber that a person can shoot accurately.You can always introduce her to larger calibers at the shooting range.


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I don't like recoil either. I started carrying a .32 that didn't have much more kick than a .22, but it wasn't reliable. My husband bought me a Bersa CC .380 and it was OK, but then I tried his Walther PK .380 and absolutely loved it. We swapped. The Walther has very little recoil. Probably the same as the .32, and a lot less than the Bersa. I think your wife could totally handle this gun. And of course it is awfully good looking as well. Now that I feel confident with it, I may even start thinking about a larger caliber.


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There are many concealed carry purses out there that will hide any 40/45/9MM. They don't even have to be concealed carry purses anyway becuase the womens purses/baby bags/beach bags have so many pockets anyway. All you want is for the handgun to be kept in an upright position to be easily put in the hand in the correct position.

I got reprimanded today on another site that doesn't allow the mention of "Mouse guns" and they will delete threads refering to them....380s and the such. I just mentioned that I wanted information on flying and how to get my handguns from one place to the other. I have a S&W M&P 40 and a Ruger LCP380 and a S&W 380 bodyguard for a pocket pistols. I understand that as pocket pistols require properly placed shots in a bad situation with split seconds to do so and that is probably hard to do. That is also why I prefer the bodyguard 380 over the LCP 380 becuase it is just a thumb safety click away becuase I have on in the chamber. The LCP does not have a thumb safety so I do not feel comfortable with one in the chamber.....and of course alot of ppl will debate that. That being said my choice or carry at this time is the S&W M&P compact 40....however the 380s are for summertime shorts and tee shirts and carry some "get off me" power when I don't dress to hide the 40. I wish I had the option of carryings a purse in the I don't I don't always have the 40 cal with me.

When I took my CCP class there were women out there qualifying with 357s. I would suggest taking time with the love of your life to explain to her stopping power, home invasions in a split second and the like....and spending time with her at the range to get her used to a larger caliber handgun after she gets used to her smaller pistol..... and maybe in your situation with her you might have to approace that a day at the time. Maybe range time would get her used to the 380 and then one day she would feel comfortable moving up and giving a larger handgun a shot at at time.

If she ever experiences the loss of a loved one (you or maybe a child or friend) during a home invasion, or a robery a gun point, she will want to learn how to use the higher caliber. I guess she "just ain't felt that yet"

One day soon, that may not only save her life...but yours too !!


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Well I have to go along with Localgirl on her choice of weapons. The Walther PK380 is a fine weapon and when it is full of Speer 95 grain Gold Dot Hollow Point ammunition it will stop anyone with the proper shot placement. The weapon is made after the Walther P-22 that she likes to shoot and looks and feels the same so her muscle memory will be the same. I carry one and my wife also carries one. If she is shown how to do a triple tap with 2 in the chest and 1 in the head she will be fine. In a shooting situation her mind will go on auto and do the proper shooting style if she practices it on the range.

Patrick Shearer

Hello everyone - thank you all for your comments and recommendations. I went out today and got my wife the Ruger LC9, she hasn't fired it yet but, I'm sure she will like it. She liked what she saw when we picked it up. Now I'd like to get one for myself!

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