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Wasn't Real Sure Where To Put This, But I Was Watching " Casino Royale" Last Night And A Phrase From The Theme Song Caught My Attention: " Arm Yourself,because No One Else Here Will Save You....." Hmmmm..... Sounds Like Good Advice To Me!!

Its a good movie

I am personally a big Sean Connery fan when it comes to James Bond. The others have been great, but I have always hated the over the top gadgetness the movies started to get. As it reached the 90's it started to remind me of the Batman television series. If james bond has a problem he just pulls a gadget out to save him. The Casino Royale movie was just the opposite. He played a very raw and highly more realistic spy. Fights were much more real, and I appreciated the lack of gadgets except when they had a place. Daniel Craig also carries his P99 in an IWB at 4 oclock. A bit more of a realistic touch, none of this shoulder holster stuff. Of course the movie is riddled with typical unrealistic hollywood explosions and effects. However, I think anyone would find Casino Royale worth watching. My humble opinion of course.
Casino Royale was the best bond movie since Connery left. Daniel Craig looks and acts like a bit of a thug, which is right for Bond. Pierce was so much of pomaded ponce that it made me cringe, I absolutely refused to watch his movies.
Yea, I was actually surprised that I liked it. I was expecting it to be cheesy.
Yeah, Relly!!!

It's like, Sean Connery was James Bond, period. I kind of liked Roger Moore in the couple of Bond Films he did. But after that...aaaarrrrgghh!!:confused:
It just wasn't the same and hasn't been since. All of the Bond films had techy Gadgetry and such, but the whole thing was rather tongue in cheek anyway. It's just after Sean and Roger, well... I just quit watching them.:(
i have to admit

i have to admit that i am a 007 fan. and gadgets. who wouldn't want machine guns built into your car? hahaha!! i have seen the movies, read the books. i actually googled the shooting techniques and methods of 007 one night{ i was trying to research military and police weapons training and tactics from the 1930's- 1960's. couldn't find hardly anything!] anyway, people were speculating on where/ how he learned to shoot, training and stuff. gotta say i had a few chuckles......
I am a so so fan. I have seen a number of the movies but there are more than a couple that I have not seen. Of all of them I think I like the Sean Connery ones the best.

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