Good day for Ohio


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Well today the Castle doctrine went into affect in Ohio. This is a big step in the right direction for the state of Ohio. We have come a long way here in Ohio as far as CCW goes.

That's terrific news! Now if they'd just fix the law to improve the car carry provision (I know it was improved recently, but still not to the advantage of people who want to carry off their persons) it'd be even better.
Yes I know the OHP is fighting it. But it is better than it use to be, baby steps. gets better with every new change. For now we are heading in the right direction.
Now, if we could only get the 50% rule passed.

For those unaware of this, it's pertaining to bars & restaurants. It is illegal to carry in a place selling alcohol. The 50% rule would make it legal to carry if the place makes 50% or more of its profit from food, as long as you were not consuming. of course. So, let's say a Friday's, Applebee's, etc. type establishment would be legal, but a bar serving food/snacks, would not be.

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