Going to DC


God Bless Our Troops!!!
I will be travelling (flying) to DC to present my case to the Board of Veteran's Appeals.

Please consider this...I will be forced to travel unarmed to one of America's roughest cities. My eyeballs will be worn out before I get back in two days.

Any suggestions???

Travelling to DC

I will be giving testimony in front of a federal judge at a federal building. I don't think don't ask don't tell will work at the metal detectors.
Been there and done that. Piece of cake. I drove and stayed at a hotel just outside of DC. I left my car at the hotel and took a taxi to the subway. Just grab the subway it was inexpensive, clean and pretty safe plus it makes it easier to watch people when your back is against the wall. ;). You exit the subway across the street from the World Bank where the VA is located. Good luck on your appeal! I won mine.
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Thanks Guys

I really appreciate the help. I'll let ya'll know how the appeal goes.
Where will you be staying while you're there? Is it possible that you could stay at a hotel in NOVA while you're there? Also, make sure that if that's the route you go, spend as little time in D.C. as possible. Just leave your hotel right when it's time to make your appeal, and go back when you're done.

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