Go midway!


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Thumbs up for Midway. I wish the gun manufacturers in the northeast states would pack and move west to the 2A friendly states.
Hay man thats not fair , just because there is alot of "F" up people here ! But if you all remember the war started here and it will again as it looks . MIDWAY is the best bar none in my travels ,I think the rest will follow ! We have alot of Hard chargers east & northeast up front and underground !
Larry is cool anyway you look at it - I have tried most out there at least one time or maybe availability issues, but none are as good customer wise, price wise or just the man who stands behind the business. Now lets all face in the direction of Columbia MO and pay homage to Larry - as a gun owner he is our kind of people ----
Just got an account with Midway! More power to them!!
Now, wonder how long before I get notification about 9mm or 45 long colt.....
Gun companies bring your business to Texas, keep your liberal folks who screwed up your state there.

Well...maybe Midway can help you Texans get back your 2A rights as well by boycotting Texas.

In Oregon, police shot a perp with a gun in a hospital. If that had happen in Texas it would have been an incident in a gun free zone. Thankfully in NY we don't have to leave our firearms locked in the car when we go into a hospital.

Officers were called to the Adventist Medical Center in south-east Portland at 9:30 p.m. Sunday local time (0:30 a.m. ET Monday) following reports of a man with a gun on the hospital's grounds, city police spokesman Pete Simpson said in a statement.

Police encountered the suspect as they locked-down the hospital and its campus, according to Simpson.
“Shots were fired and the suspect is deceased,” the statement said. “Portland Police are now in the very early stages of an officer-involved shooting investigation.”

Officer-involved shooting investigation' after death at hospital in Portland, Oregon
glad to hear it .. westfork armory is also doing the same thing and probably a few others that not controlled by the mafia that wants to disarm us and monopolize the gun industry as well..........time will tell how that works out and if they can't be bought off.........
kudos and best wishes
unfortunately, another company, ARmalite has chosen to support the bans... I'll post another thread with all the details later.
Apparently word has reached the major Websites: Here is the article located on "The Blaze" Glen Beck's website: Link Removed
I think if Glock, S&W, and Sig got involved it would be a major hit to law enforcement in civilian ban areas. Someone should try and get a boycott started for all companies who supply to law enforcement agencies in civilian ban areas.

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