Go camping, travel and equipment which need to prepare it?


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I usually go camping all by himself. Watching the weather forecast said the recent good weather. Going to go camping with my family, I do not know what needs special preparation, the family has two kids.


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Welcome to the forum!

I'm not really understanding your post.

Are you seeking advice on making camping preps for a family?

If so, we need to know more to help.

For Instance-

  1. Is the family experienced at camping? (What level?)
  2. What are the ages & physical abilities of the family?
  3. Do you plan on camping in a modern campground with amenities? (RV, tent or combination?)
  4. Maybe you are going into the back country; (Are you driving or hiking to the campsite?)
  5. What terrain? (Desert, swamp, mountains, etc)
  6. Are you going to be camping in a state park, national forest or where?
  7. How long will you be camping? (overnight, weekend, longer?)
  8. Have you taken inventory of all the equipment you have and the family has?
  9. Has the available equipment been inspected recently? (Make sure everything works and nothing leaks!)

More info would be helpful. But, just off the top of my head,

  • entertaining the kids and keeping them focused can be a challenge depending on their ages.
  • Everyone needs a job around camp! Kids can gather tender & wood for a fire. They can also help clean up.
  • If camping in bear country or areas with large predator populations, the camp leader (I assume you), will need to lay out a very clear & specific set of wildlife safety rules!

Beyond this make sure everybody has a buddy they are accountable to and for throughout the trip. Make sure nobody goes anywhere alone; not even to relieve themselves. If you will be hiking or doing other activities, you may want to invest in a few handheld radios; (cell phones may not work in some areas). Make sure there is at least one compass and a map of the area.

Fun activities can include lessons in outdoor skills; (compass use, map reading, fire building, shelter making etc). If the kids are really young, you may want to have a few comfort items from home available. A favorite toy, stuffed animal, blanket & story book can make night time less scary, or making it through a storm easier.

Outdoor cooking can also be very entertaining for all ages. A stew & dutch oven cobbler are usually a hit with everyone. Then of course smore's & hotdogs over a fire is always a great idea.

One last comment- If this is the first outing for the family you need to make it a easy one! I wouldn't do a back country or truly "primitive" camp with in experienced campers. Make this a fun focused & easy trip and you will be sure to have future ones. But, make it too boring or too difficult and you may lose any future family opportunities.

Good Luck!



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