Glove compartment need to be locked?


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Ohio conceal carry law states the following:

Automobile carry:
A person who has been issued a concealed handgun license or a temporary emergency license to carry a concealed handgun may transport a loaded handgun in a motor vehicle if the loaded handgun is:
1. In a holster secured on the person
2. In a closed case, bag, box or other container that is in plain sight and has a lid, cover, or closing mechanism and must be opened for a person to gain access to the handgun; or
3. Stored in a closed, locked glove compartment or in a case that can be locked. Motorcycles fall under the definition of motor vehicles so the same requirements apply.


I'm confused about the glove compartment rule since the verbage above seems to me to be contradictory. Doesn't item #2 say you can carry in a closed case with a closing mechanism? If so, #3 says the glove compartment must be locked. Anybody clear on if I can carry a loaded gun in an unlocked glove compartment?

2 is vague but it's clear in 3. It must be a closed, locked glove compartment. You need to fire off a letter or email to your AG for clarification.
I know your question was for another state, but in Florida it does NOT need to be locked.. A locked glove compartment pretty much defeats the purpose of carrying a gun..
The glovebox provision is the main reason I consider Ohio one of America's worst shall issue CCW states. Ohio is the only state that requires people with permits who are in vehicles to keep their guns locked away if the gun is not on their person. Even the may issue people's Republics of PRNJ, PRNY, PRMA, PRMD, and PRDE (amongst others) don't have such ridiculous car carry provisions for the few people there who are lucky enough to be granted permits.
Notice #2 says OR at the end. If Ohio follows Florida and Georgia law, if you do NOT have a CWP the gun can be stored in a locked or unlocked case or container, i.e. glove box, snapped holster or gun case, console, fanny pack that is zippered, other type of "case" that can be closed and not meant to provide easy access to the weapon without opening something first.

Keep in mind, that weapons in vehicles laws are meant to protect police officers. If you have a gun under the seat without a case, holster, etc, and you do not have a permit, it will probably be illegal in your state. In most states, if you have a CWP, etc you can have a weapon anywhere in the car. Without the CWP, you have fewer options. Check with your State or District Attorney for a legal opinion to be sure.

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