Glossary of gun related terms

I like this. I think it is going to be a great asset.

Ok, I've added the COM term, thanks.

And I'd like to get an opinion on the Ammo Head Stamps. Should I just list them alphabetically with all the other terms or just create a page that lists all the Head Stamps together and it would be its own dropdown under the Resources tab?

Sheeple: recommended for non-demeaning inclusion into USA Carry's 'Glossary of Gun Related Terms'.
Derived from 'sheep': mammal, food-supply/meat, sheepish, simple, flock, soft, followers, herd, domesticated, ad nauseum.
Co-joined with: 'People': Humans, humanity, UNARMED & anti-gun anything.
Meronym: individual, mortal, soul, etc.
(Kind/accurate) Street colloquialisms: 'Chumps', 'push-overs', 'dumbos', 'suckers', 'targets', 'hits', 'Joe/Jill Public', 'Roll-overs', etc.
For site usage: "Persons/adults who make up the majority of U.S. law-abiding citizens who assume 911 is their own personal security service offering instant responses 24/7. Ultra-anti-gun, pacifists with moral objections to the use of self-defense. Those who lack the courage to even attempt to prevent crime or danger from decending upon them, those they love or anything they own. Easy prey for any criminal and the first to cry foul when they become a statistic of violent or property crime."
Proposed for USA Carry common usage:

S: Shortsighted.
H: Helpless.
E: Elementary.
E: Elusive.
P: Patronizing.
L: Lazy.
E: Empty.

If there are any better and less offensive ways to scrabble-up this word, please slap them up here for LUKEM's review and maybe inclusion into a word used VERY often amongst gun owners, CC-types, USA Carry patrons, military, LEO's and (BFD) me for the last 1/4 century!

Canis-Lupus :wink:
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I've added the ammo head stamps to the Resources dropdown as its own page.

I also added the Sheep term but with a less "in your face" definition but still getting the point across:
Sheep - A group of people who lack the capacity for careful consideration, imagination, or individual thought, who thusly go with group and allow god awful trends and events to unfold and make us all miserable.
Some more goodies for the list.

Bullet Legend

CMJ Complete Metal Jacket
FMJ Full Metal Jacket
FP Flat Point Nose
HBWC Hollow Base Wad Cutter
HPBT Hollow Point Boat Trail
HP Hollow Point
JFP Jacketed Flat Point
JHP Jacketed Hollow Point
L Lead
LF Lead Free
P Plated
PSP Pointed Soft Point
RN Round Nose
SWC Semi Wad Cutter
TC Trucated Cone
TMJ Total Metal Jacket

+P = Contains a higher powder charge than normal.
+P+ = Contains a much higher powder charge than normal.
A = A-Frame (Swift)
ACEL = Accelerator Discharging Sabots
ACP = Auto Colt Pistol
A-MAX = A-Max Low Drag Tip (Hornady)
AT-BT = AccuTip Boattail (Remington)
BBWC = Bevel Base Wadcutter
BEB = Brass Enclosed Base
BJHP = Brass Jacketed Hollow Point
BP = Bronze Point
BT = Boat Tail, also Black Talon (Winchester)
BTBT = Nosler Ballistic Tip Boattail
BTHP = Boat Tail Hollow Point
BTM = Boat Tail Match
BTSP = Boat Tail Soft Point
CL = Core-Lokt (Remington)
CLU = Core-Lokt Ultra (Remington)
CMJ = Complete Metal Jacket
CNL = Conical Nose Lead
CP = Cone Point
EP = Expanding Point
FEB = Fully Encased Bullet
FMC = Full Metal Case
FMJ = Full Metal Jacket
FMJBT = Full Metal Jacket Boattail
FMJFP = Full Metal Jacket Flat Point
FMJRN = Full Metal Jacket Round Nose
FMJSWC = Full Metal Jacket Semi-Wadcutter
FMJTC = Full Metal Jacket Truncated Cone
FNEB = Flat Nose Enclosed Base
FNSP = Flat Nose Soft Point
FP = Flat Point
GAP = Glock Auto Pistol
GD = Gold Dot HP (Speer)
GS = Golden Saber HP (Remington)
GS = Grand Slam (CCI)
HAP = Hornady Action Pistol (Hornady)
HBWC = Hollow Base Wadcutter
HE = High Energy
HM = Heavy Magnum
HMR = Hornady Magnum Rimfire
HP = Hollow Point
HPBT = Hollow Point Boattail
HPWC = Hollow Point Wadcutter
HS = Hydra Shok Hollow Point (Federal)
HSP = Hornady Soft Point, also Hollow Soft Point
J = Jacketed
JFP = Jacketed Flat Point
JHC = Jacketed Hollow Cavity, (Sierra jacketed hollow point)
JHP = Jacketed Hollow Point
JHPBT = Jacketed Hollow Point Boattail
JSP = Jacketed Soft Point
JSPF = Jacketed Soft Point Flat
L = Lead
L-N-L = Lock-N-Load (Hornady)
LBT = Lead Bullet Technology
LF = Lead Free (Nontoxic)
LFN = Long Flat Nose (LBT design), also Lead Flat Nose
LFP = Lead Flat Point
LHP = Lead Hollow Point
LM = Light Magnum
LRN = Lead Round Nose
LSWC = Lead Semi-Wadcutter
LSWC-GC = Lead Semi-Wad Cutter, Gas Checked
LTC = Lead Truncated Cone
LWC = Lead Wadcutter
MB = Multi Ball (Shot)
MC = Metal Cased (basically FMJ)
MK-BTHP = MatchKing Boattail Hollow Point (Remington)
MON = Monolithic Solid
NBT = Nosler Ballistic Tip
NOS = Nosler
NOSBT = Nosler Ballistic Tip
NP = Nosler Partition
P = Plated
PG = Partition Gold (Winchester)
PP = Power Point
PSP = Pointed Soft Point
PSPCL = Pointed Soft Point Core-Lokt (Remington)
RN = Round Nose
RNFP = Round Nose, Flat Point
RNSP = Round Nose Soft Point
S&W = Smith and Wesson
SBBT = Soft Point Boattail
SCHP = Solid Copper Hollow Point
SFHP = Starfire Hollow Point (PMC)
SHP = Speer Hollow Point
SJ = Semi Jacketed
SJHP = Semi Jacketed Hollow Point, also Soft Jacket Hollow Point
SJSP = Soft Jacket Soft Point
SOL = Solid
SP = Soft Point
SSB = Swift Scirocco Bonded (Remington)
SST = Super Shock Tip (Hornady)
ST = Silver Tip HP (Winchester)
STHP = SilverTip Hollow Point (Winchester)
Sub = Subsonic
SWC = Semi-Wad Cutter
SXT = Supreme eXpansion Technology (Winchester)
TAP FPD = Tactical Ammunition for Police - For Personal Defense (Hornady)
TB = Trophy Bonded
TBS = Trophy Bonded Solid
TC = Truncated Cone
TCSP = Truncated Cone Soft Point
THP = Tubular Hollow Point
TMJ = Total Metal Jacket -- like FMJ, but the copper jacket even wraps the rear of the bullet and totally encapsulates the lead. Also CMJ, FEB
TNT = TNT Hollow Point (Speer)
TRI = Triad Group (A Square)
V-MAX = V-Max Polymer Tip Bullet (Hornady)
V-MAXBT = V-Max Boattail (Hornady)
WC = Wad Cutter
WLN = Wide Long Nose (LBT design)
WLY = Woodleigh
WMR = Winchester Magnum Rimfire
X = X (Barnes)
XTP = Extreme Terminal Performance (Hornady jacketed hollow point)
New Term - "Mall Ninja"

A term used in forums to mean an unexperienced and enthusiastic weapon(usually a firearm)owner who pretends to be a seasoned operator. The phrase came about as a result of an over the top character in a famous satirical thread.

A term used in forums to mean an unexperienced and enthusiastic weapon(usually a firearm)owner who pretends to be a seasoned operator. The phrase came about as a result of an over the top character in a famous satirical thread.


This has been added!
I just converted the glossary over to a new module that looks and works better. You can also submit terms right into that module instead of posting them here.

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I just finished setting up the Ammo Head Stamps and Bullet Legend in the same kind of format.

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Suggested new term: Obamination. The wilful process of disarming the U.S. public who voted for the man who will turn non-compliant gun-owning, lawful-citizens into criminals by appointing like-minded judges U.S. wide; stage one of total control of people who have now lost the right to bear arms in protection of themselves, their loved ones and their property, in the absence of police, or in their failure to respond to an emergency in time to prevent or control it. Stage 2: arming and training civilian law officers with military style weapons to force compliance [or death] against those who disobey the (now abolished) 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America, leading to a final solution: total disregard for that now obsolete blue-print for forming a new nation out of chaos (1776) and rewriting it in-toto to make it a set of ever-changing mandates/presidential decrees that states the only power to affect political change is not by the vote you cast, but in the rounds-per-minute a NWO law-agent's full-auto weapon can empty into a crowd of peaceful demonstrators, or political dissidents. Ombamination: the promise of 'change' U voted for that turns U into the ultra-compliant allowed to live in internal semi-captivity citizenry who serves only the Executive branch of a neofascist dictatorship, or dies by it's hands.

Canis-Lupus :suicide2:

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