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What is the difference between a Glock30 and the Glock30SF?

I don't know about the 30 so I probably shouldn't post but I have a 21SF and the difference from a 21 is very subtle to me. The SF stands for short frame and I think the difference is only a tenth of an inch or so in how it sits in your hand to trigger.

When I was about to buy mine I read a ton about the 21 versus the 21SF and was convinced it would be a big deal. I shot both and really couldn't tell that much difference. I ended up buying the SF cause that's what they had in stock and it was the same price.

My hands are not huge but their not small either. I can see where it might make a difference with smaller hands.

I'd say go poke around a gun show and feel them both and see what you think.

For what it worth, I'm happier with mine everytime I shoot it.

I'm sure others will have a more precise answer.
The Grip Frame area is "slimmer". I have both, 30 and 30 SF. A couple of years ago when Glock came out with the Glock 21 SF "Short Frame" or Slim Frame as many are calling it, the grip area was reduced to help those with smaller hands to get a better/ more comfortable grip. Let's face it, the Glock 21 is a big gun and many people who would like to have one, avoid it because of the size of the grip. Of course since the Model 30 is the same frame only shorter, the 30 SF soon followed. I really like the Model 30 and have several. 2 of them are SF's and seem to be a little more comfortable to shoot, even with my big mits. The difference isn't drastic mind you, but you can feel the difference in the comfort and bulk factors.
I totally agree with Headbanger. I currently own and carry a model 30sf. I’m 5'8" and don’t have large hands. I owned a model 30 a few years back and always wished they made one with a little smaller of a frame. So when the 30sf was introduced I grabbed one right away!

Again agreeing with Headbanger, the difference between the 30 and the 30sf is only slight, but it makes for a big difference to me in the way the gun feels and handles.

It has become my favorite ccw gun. Ya gotta love having 11 rounds of 45 acp in a gun that compact and reliable. Carry an extra mag and you have 21 rounds on tap. SWEET!!! :dance3:
The difference between the regular and the SF series is 3mm. On my 30SF compared to a regular 30 it meant the difference between being able to hit the mag release with my thumb without changing my grip.
I have a Glock 30 with night sights and love it! I carry it with the 9 rd mag and 1 in chamber along with two 10rd mags for 30 rds of .45ACP.

I tried both the 30 and SF. I have larger hands and went with the 30. It is an awesome gun. I have since traded in my 9mm guns and now only carry 45 or 40. I have a small 380 for days I have to use an ankle holster but that is rare. I also added the mag extension to give my hand bottom a place to rest. Perfect fit now.

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